Best IM And SEO Tools For MAC OS X 2022

I am searching from last couple of hours for “Best IM And SEO Tools For MAC OS X ” but didn’t find any good resource, I found only one resource which is of Matthew Woodward .So I thought to add some more awesome tools in the list and make it more handy for you guys.

Ill be adding free, trail and paid version IM And SEO Tools For MAC OS X and you pick what you like. One more thing its possible that I may miss some good SEO Tools For MAC OS X  so you please comment below and let me know Ill be happy to add in the list.

SEO Reporting Tools

Market Samurai  (14 Day Free Trail ) – This tools has been using my many marketers out there . Market samurai has been around here for many years , I guess 2008 and still doing it job .

Market Samurai – includes Keyword Research,SEO Intelligence,Rank Tracking,Monetization.

Scarcity Samurai – includes Boost your list building , sale page conversion etc.

Domain Samurai –  Helps you to pick the best domain available out there.It ll give you all the required suggestion for buying a good profitable domains.

Article Samurai – One-click automatic semantic content spinning,ranking , backlink creation . They have 50,000+ sites in their network so you can build link easily also.

SEO PowerSuite (Free Version) – I am using SEO Powersuite from a long time and trust me this still works very well. The powersuite packages includes Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass,Rank Tracker & Link Assistant.

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Advanced Web Ranking (Free Trail) – This is one of my favourate tool specially recommended those who are running agency .You can use it for ranking checking , scheduled ranking checking, white label SEO reporting and monitoring social media report also.

Keyword Research Software 

Long Tail Pro  – This is must have tool for all internet marketers , I am having one for me and do all the keywords research on this software only. Long Tail Pro has become more super in July 2015 because they have recent update.You must have this plugin.

Market Samurai  – Again this tool secured it place here on the list. I know some people out there who are still using market samurai for keyword research.As they are very old in the business so they know how to give more profitable reports to client so that they ll also have market share.

SEOggestor (Free Version) –  This one of the best tool who are looking to use for free. We people research keywords for Google,Yahoo,Yandex, Bing right ? So this tool ll help you to explore more profitable keywords from Google,Yahoo,Yandex, Bing,YoutTube,Amazon in one tab only.

Rank Tracker 

SEO Powersuite (Rank Tracker) –  I am still using this software to track my keywords rankings , This keyword ranking checker tool is still available for free but this is not available on cloud. Those who are using SEO powersuite already know the power of Rank Tracker.

CuteRank (Free Version) – This is very same keywords ranking checker tools like rank tracker of SEO Powersuite and this software also performs what is says. Remeber this is the MAC OS X desktop based rank tracker software.

RankGuru  – This is awesome piece of keyword ranking software which can be accessed by your desktop menu bar. It will notify you when ever you ranking has been changed.This can also help you to keep track many projects.

Content Creation / Article Re-Writing

Word AI Article Spinner – This one is my favorite article rewriting tool and I am using it for my projects also. I know many friends who are using this awesome software to deliver SEO article rewriting projects on site like Fiverr,Freelancer ,Odesk etc.

Spin Writer (5 Day Trail) – This spin writer is the only software I found out there for Mac OS X. You can find tutorial also and can use it for sure on your Mac OS X.

Link Building Tools 

SEO Spyglass (Free Version) – This one also include in the SEO powersuite package.You can use this software to

check your backlink profile in a detailed view . Most importantly you can check or spy your competitors backlinks and can work on strategy.

Link Assistant (Free Version) –  This one is also part of SEO powersuite package , You can use this tool to find more link opportunity and link assistant is one of the useful tool to perform automated guest posting campaign.

On Site / On Page Tools

Website Auditor (Free Version ) –  Yet another SEO tools from the packages for SEO powersuite , You can use this software to analyze you site ,get the detailed rbeport and work on it as per your strategy.

SEIntelligence –  This is awesome piece of software which will help you to analyze your site and your competitors site and then it ll give you the detailed report . In this way you can understand and found your loophole to fix it.

Iweb SEO Tools – This tools will give some dimension of your site and help you to optimize your money site quickly and easily .

Social Media Tools For Mac OS X

Qilio 2.0 – This is a automatic scheduling post for social media,Specially for Faceboook. Qilio 2.0 will research and create and highly engaged content which can get likes and shares.Feeds management , Content searching via keywords, 20+ templates ,auto trends catch up,detailed reporting,inbuilt images editor and lot more.

Buzz Bundle (Free Version)- This is sick piece of software which ll surely help your to grow your social audience / followers. I know many people who are using Buzz Bundle to get loyal followers. This software ll find your target audience and engage them with best possible ways.

Tweet Ader (Free Version) – This is one of the best tools to increase twitter follower ,twitter marketing ,retweets by working on your MAC OS X. Best tool if you are looking to increase twitter engagement automatically while working on your MAC OS X.

Hoot Suite (Free Version) – I am using this tool and you should if you want to monitor all important social profiles like Facebook , twitter , Google  + etc.It ll help you to scheduled your post with proper tag,links and images.

As of now I found these SEO and IM tools for MAC OS X , If you know more than this (SEO tools for MAC PRO X ) and wanted me too add then do to not hesitate buddy just drop a comment and Ill add that ..



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