SEO Dominator Review: Tools For Every SEO Expert For Expired Domain Hunting

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But first what are expired domains and how to use them?

Expired domains differ from a fresh domain in that someone else has owned the domain name before you. In other words, you can receive it after the domain expires.Also Expired domains aren’t inherently valuable in themselves. But, they become valuable when:

1. They have a quality link profile

2. They aren’t spammy

3. They have some level of relevance to your existing site or new project.

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These Are the Advanced Cutting-Edge Features That Will Make You Fall in Love With Seo Dominator Review

Getting Keywords with: Keyword Seeker

Paste in your few keyword suggestions, that will be transformed into hundreds of expired Domains ,Web 2.0 Property or Expired Social Media Accounts seekers in seconds…

Uses Hyper Threading for Faster Search

Cuts Hours From Big Tasks..

When you start using SEO Dominator regularly you will be entering loads of keywords to find maximum number of available properties  

As you can appreciate this can be quite slow… to make the process faster we have built in hyper-threading.

This means SEO Dominator will carry out multiple tasks at once. All you have to do is set the number of threads you want running (this has to be at least your number of keywords you entered) & the software will do the rest for you.

You Can Use Proxies for Bigger Jobs

Heavy users of SEO Dominator, especially SEO pros & agencies run the risk of getting a “Google Challenge” – this is only triggered if there are too many requests from your IP address. At this point the program will stop working for penalty period “sin bin”

To solve this problem we have a built in option that allows you to load proxies. You can use free ones if you wish…

For best results simply follow our training videos where we’ll show you how to get the best results out of SEO Dominator!

Smart Filtration &Moz Metrics:

With smart filtration, you can pre-select what type of property stats you want SEO Dominator to find for you using Moz Metrics-

PA-Page Authority

DA-Domain Authority

Equity Links (valuable links) 

Check the Domain or WEB 2.0 Property History:

Using SEO Dominator Check History Feature, you can check for what purpose was the property you are interested in, used!

SEO Dominator has 6 Feature Choices targeted at expired Domains 

Expired Domains From Database

 These feature produces most results which means it provides the user more choices of Domains to choose from

Expired Domains Search

 This is the “stealth mode” because finding expired Domain with this feature means, that there is a chance nobody else knows about the found domain that is expired 

Expired Domains  Found From YouTube

This Domains already have backlinks from the biggest video authority site in the world

Expired Domains Found From Reddit

Reddit is another powerhouse of the internet with network of communities based on people’s interests. 

Expired Domains Found From Wikipedia

Links from Wikipedia the  online encyclopedia, almost certainly have high authority value since Wikipedia pages are  used on daily basis by most internet users to get information on various subjects

Expired Domains Found From Quora

Quora is unique place to ask and answer questions. So Domain found from this feature will have highly targeted traffic

These are the 8 WEB 2.0 Platforms from which you can find and register Expired accounts For FREE

We can talk for days about More strategies (Like: Expired Social Media Profiles, Offering SEO Services, creating mixed link rankings etc…) and ways you can capitalize on the traffic from expired Domains & Properties 

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