How to Sell T-shirts Online To Make Money 2020

If you are thinking of an innovative business idea, why not start selling t-shirts online? Well, it sounds like an idea everyone would think of, but not many entrepreneurs go for complex ideas while there are other opportunities to make money. The internet offers lots of potential to make money with the growing numbers of transactions happening online. According to a 2015 Bloomberg Business Week Report, Teespring, a top t-shirt printer, designed and printed over 7 million tees and thousands of people are selling their products on the site.

While the idea of selling tees might look easy, you will be surprised at how tricky it can get especially when you are starting off. Of course, no business is easy to set up and if you don’t have the right skills you might end up giving up before long. To avoid this pitfall, below are some guidelines on how you can successfully start selling tees online in order to make good money.

Getting Started 

Like with every business, you must be ready to do some heavy lifting at the beginning. To get started, consider the following factors:

  • Do your research: You have to come up with business objectives, but before you even get here, ask yourself why you are investing in this idea and not in any other. This means you have to look at what others are doing in this business and what you can do better to succeed.
  • Focus on design
  • Setup the campaign
  • Market online

Identify Your Niche

Are you selling your own branded t-shirts or are you borrowing other people’s designs? Why do you think people will buy your tees and not from other sellers? These questions will help you narrow down your focus to help target your better. Identifying your niche will also involve knowing who your customers are most likely to be. For instance, you can target young people on your Facebook page or Instagram.

Finding your niche will largely determine what marketing channels you will use and what designs you will go for. If something is trending in your niche, you can easily ride on this hype to come up with tees that are popular. There are tools you can use to evaluate what your Facebook followers or the target audience wants and this data can be used to create your campaign.

How to Sell T-shirts Online To Make Money

How to Sell T-shirts Online To Make Money

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Choosing the Design

Now that you have an idea about the target audience and their preferences, you need to go further and select a design that appeals to them. You have to look for inspiring and unique designs that communicate your brand. Create unique designs which best tell your brand’s story and get the job done. There are tools that allow you to mockup t-shirts online to compare how different designs look, before you actually have them made.

It is advisable to keep trying your own designs even as you rely on others for inspiration. If you choose funny and quirky designs, you will never go wrong. With online mockup design generators, you don’t have to worry about what your design will look like once you start selling tees online. These generators allow you to add any unique images you have and use them on t-shirts. They are easy to use and you don’t have to worry about your Photoshop skills.

Starting Your Selling Campaign

Now that you have researched your niche and come up with the best design, it is time to set up the campaign. This is the hardest part, but if you have already laid down a foundation in terms of identifying the right audience and design, you will nail it.

Remember, how your website looks reflects how serious you are and that the visitor will decide whether to buy or leave based on your landing page. This is the main reason to take time designing the tees, to make sure that you can attract buyers with your designs as well.

Now that your campaign has been launched, you must have a set goal in order to acquire a specific number of sales. To achieve your goal, you must interact with the buyers intensely to understand what they would like. At the beginning, you might not have a high conversion rate but as you continue marketing your designs, more people will start buying.

Marketing Your Tees

Marketing your t-shirts requires a lot of creativity from you. Remember there are many other online t-shirt stores, and you will be competing with some established brands. As such, make sure you keep evaluating users by noticing their buying patterns and adapting your marketing techniques. Check the designs that are popular and market them more while those that are not converting should be dumped. Some of the marketing tools you can employ include Facebook ads and paid search options.

With these creative tips, you can now start making money online either full time or as a side hustle. Remember T-shirts are a secret weapon in branding according to a study published by Small Business Branding, an online magazine.

The campaign might not kickoff successfully, but you have to be consistent in order to create a fan base. As you increase traffic to your site, more people will start mentioning your tees and they will rapidly start being shared.


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