Scarlet & Violet's Minimap Reveals More New Pokemon

Scarlet & Violet’s Minimap Reveals More New Pokemon

New Pokemon: The new trailer for Scarlet & Violet has been released and it contains many new details about the upcoming games. If you had your eyes glued to the game’s minimap, you may have spotted some brand-new Pokemon that weren’t explicitly referred to or even mentioned in the game’s instructions.

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In the 14-minute trailer, the Scarlet & Violet minimap shows a handful of new Pokemon near them, presumably waiting to be caught and battled. As points out, there is a point during the trailer when Scarlet & Violet’s minimap shows a handful of new Pokemon nearby. The minimap may contain three new Pokemon. Two white mice, a green parrot, and what appears to be a mushroom-shaped house made of rock.

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It is almost certain that the mice and the parrot are new Pokemon that have not yet been revealed, while the mushroom rock may simply be a location that has been pinned to the map. However, if gen nine introduces a Pokemon that resembles a house crossed with a rock mushroom from Super Mario Galaxy 2, it would not be the strangest design the Pokemon team has ever created.

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While trainers have been left to squint at the minimap for clues about some of the new Pokemon coming via Scarlet & Violet, another was clearly displayed in the trailer. Farigaraf is the evolved form of Girafarig. Say that ten times quickly. In addition to Wiglett, Fidough, and Lechonk, it is the fourth gen nine Pokemon to be officially revealed.

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The new trailer also revealed that the EXP share system will be returning, as well as the ability for trainers to create their own TMs using items they find while out and about. In addition, you will be able to take picnics, showers, and a new breeding mechanic will be introduced. This might be the most information we learn about the new games before they are actually played on November 18 due to so much being revealed in one fell swoop.

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