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    Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song – Claudia Starting Walkthrough

    Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song – Claudia Starting Walkthrough – Even though it’s a little light on the mechanics, Claudia’s introductory mission in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song is a terrific way to gain a sense of the atmosphere of the game, similar to Albert and Sif’s. It has two charming and exclusive party guests and is brief and sweet.

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    Despite being very simple to accomplish, there are many things to consider before beginning a playthrough in this game, such as how to expand the globe once the first task is finished and how you should grow your characters.


    Overview: Claudia – Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song – Claudia Starting Walkthrough

    The Mazewood, a perplexing, mystical forest that is challenging to travel, is where Claudia’s adventure begins. She will start out with two animal pals, Sylvan and Brau, because of her background and current circumstances. She will encounter Gray along the way and team up with him.

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    Claudia Brau Sylvan Gray
    Class Ranger Swordsman
    Skill Bow, Terrology, Search Martial Arts Martial Arts Foil, Long Sword, Two-handed Sword


    • As a Ranger at first, Claudia has some experience using bows and terrology. She is a strong backline fighter as a result, so position her there to increase ranged damage and keep her safe. Ranger is a decent class throughout the duration of the game, but if you decide to switch it up, be sure to choose a class with expertise in either bows or terrology to maintain the utility of her skills.
    • Brau and Sylvan don’t have the same class customization options or equipment slots as humans because they are animals (or the lone geckling on the cast). Early on in the game, they may be helpful, but their value quickly diminishes. They are only a temporary buddy, and they will depart throughout the quest “Eule Gives a Hoot,” so don’t worry.


    • Attacks from Brau have the ability to cause status conditions.
    • Attacks from Sylvan can lower an enemy’s stats.
    • Swordsman is a really wonderful class for Gray since it gives him everything he requires: powerful weapon skills and an increase in damage when utilising them. Although he can make other classes work, staying a Swordsman is more cost-effective in terms of jewels.

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    Monsters In The Mazewood

    Claudia receives a message at the start of the game informing her that Eule is hunting for her. Talk to Eule when you reach her a short distance ahead to find out about the beasts near the Mazewood’s entrance. You and your animal pals are responsible for handling them.

    Get the small amount of gold and gems from the chest inside the tree before you leave Eule to fend for herself.

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    Go back to where you came from to find the monsters. On this screen, down a few steps until you can turn to the right; do so, then descend once more to reach the following screen.

    On the following screen, keep moving straight in the direction of the camera until you reach the entrance to Mazewood; you’ll then come across a man being pursued by monsters and automatically start controlling him in fight. Gian is his name, and after the first round of fighting, Claudia and her animal companions will enter the fray.

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    Simply focus on the Skydancer first to ensure that it doesn’t kill one of your pals and deny them the opportunity to gain stat boosts.

    You’ll be given a map of the empire after the conflict. Instead of leaving the Mazewood right away to see Gian as he advises, go back and speak with Eule once more. She will advise you to see the world, but if she asks you to return immediately, do so. Melvir and Aurefont will be unlocked for you.

    Remember to always go towards the camera when you exit the Mazewood.

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    Pick Melvir once you’re on the globe map. Take some time to look around and interact with the people, and make sure to ask the Volunteer Brigade child for a map of the area. The Elizabeth Palace, which is on the city’s second level, is where you want to go.

    When you approach the guards outside the palace, they will show you around and introduce you to Lord Neville. You’ll awaken at the Melvir Inn after the event. Once you leave, Gray is recruited to the party and you have access to a larger area after one more cutscene.

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    The Next Steps – Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song – Claudia Starting Walkthrough


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    Even though she has a relatively brief introduction, Claudia starts the game with the most destinations unlocked than any other character. By enlisting two characters and riding ferries from the ports on the east side of the continent, you can easily fill out the majority of the sites that aren’t connected to missions.

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    You must enlist Barbara and Sif to unlock the spots scattered throughout the New Road and the southern reaches, respectively. Check there for them as they are both in Crystal City and Altours.

    If you don’t want to get rid of Gray, you can fire one after recruiting them and hire the other. Normal dismissal of your animal companions is not possible.

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    Once you’ve completed the early tasks, talk to NPCs to unlock new places, and keep an eye out for the surprise assassination attempt in Melvir once you’ve left the city for the first time.

    Early on in the game, about the time you reach Event Rank 7, a quest called Eule Gives a Hoot will start when you stay at an inn. This is the quest Eule mentioned to you. Once this occurs, proceed to the Mazewood and then return to Eule’s Nest to finish the mission. This will result in Sylvan and Brau permanently quitting your party.

    If you don’t finish this quest, Sylvan and Brau will stay in your party forever. Keep them around if only for flavour or as a challenge! Although they are adorable, they never actually get much stronger.

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    CSM Team
    CSM Team
    Meet Shahnawaz, a lifelong gamer and avid news follower in the gaming And Entertainment industry. He brings fresh perspectives and in-depth analysis to the latest gaming news and releases. Follow him for all things gaming

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