Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Roman City Fantasy Minecraft Map

With a bit of frills, Roman City Fantasy is a map designed in the Roman style. The game is made up of a small garden surrounded by a cover where you can walk, which players can decorate or build structures around. Behind these gardens is a building that looks like a dome. In the public baths, you will find a large sacred tree adorning the walls. It has a fantasy style interior) On the opposite side of the central garden, there is a small house that serves as a home (equipped with everything necessary to survive), a small farm and crop. Every aspect of the game is designed for expansion, depending on the needs of each player.

On the map are the main structures: the gardens with their roofs and the baths, both with a Roman style on the outside and fantastic interiors.

With a touch of luxury, all structures are made of quartz blocks.

To make trading easier for the player, villagers have been incorporated.
No additional installation is necessary.

It is recommended to play with good graphics. (Mods and texture packs depend on each player)

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