Review 2022 – affiliate & performance campaign tracking and analytics Review – Setting-up the tracker is aches and pains for many affiliates, especially for those who just start their way in affiliate marketing. But when it comes to running profitable ad campaigns, there is no way you get along without it. Today I’m going to write a comprehensive review of the SaaS tracking software – its main features and how to create your first campaign with it. Review

But first, why have I chosen RedTrack?

The first and main one is the ease of use. RedTrack has one of the most intuitive interfaces. It doesn’t have a fancy design with dozens of buttons, but this is exactly an example of perfect interface for me. In spite of the fact that they constantly add new features, their interface remains simple and user-friendly. Especially if you’re not on a friendly footing with tracking and analytics, it will be a very handy and easy tool for you.


RedTrack is SaaS tracker. Some affiliates are against using hosted tracking solutions, but why I consider it to be a HUGE plus? Since it’s a 100% web-based, you have nothing to install or hassle with geo balancing. You just need to sign up and that’s it, you’re ready to work. Since it “lives” in the cloud it’s infinitely scalable that in turn results in lightning-fast click processing. Self-hosted solutions for sure can’t compete with them in the speed.


The third big reason ‘why’ is their technical support. These guys do great job in offering exceptional assistance to the users of their tracking platform. The first thing to mention is that they provide a free onboarding to every customer. If you have any problems in setting-up the postbacks, or adding Affiliate Network or Traffic Source, I would advise you to contact their support team asap.

Another point here is their Knowledge Base. Don’t know how to integrate a particular Network or Source with their tracker? They have dozens of step-by-step integration manuals. Besides, they add new ones by the request of their users.


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RedTrack is affordable. They offer 5 different plans to the users. The first one is absolutely FREE if you send up to 50,000 events (clicks & conversions) in a month. If you’re a newbie and want to play around with the tracking solution or  try to set tracking links and postbacks, then this plan would perfectly fits your requirements. What is even more important is that you’re not restricted to access all the tracker’s features in the free version.


Besides a free plan, the tracker offers affordable paid subscriptions: - affiliate & performance campaign tracking and analytics

They always advance. Every month they release at least 2 huge updates: add new features, upgrade the old functionality, fix bugs. They love to send letters with their updates, and from the latest one I knew that they added 7 features (!) based on the requests of the users only. And they always innovate. RedTrack is the first tracker to implement AI for the purpose of traffic distribution decision making. They also claim to be the first tracker to offer their own Smartlinks functionality to affiliates and media-buyers. Still, both features are in closed beta for now and you should require access to them from the support team.

So these are my reasons why you should choose RedTrack as your tracking solution of choice. And now, as I promised,

RedTrack basic setup process

First, you need to create a RedTrack account. Again, you can make it for FREE. Here is the sign up page.

The first screen you see, when open the tracker – Dashboard.

RedTrack Review

I’ve added the screen from the demo account so as you understand how the data is presented in the tracker. Once, you run your campaigns with RedTrack, you would see the key data on their performance on this panel.

To set up your first campaign in RedTrack you should:

  1. Add Traffic Source
  2. Add Affiliate Network
  3. Assign offer with the Network
  4. Create Campaign

Let’s go through these 4 steps within the RedTrack interface so you can see how easy it is.


Add Traffic Source

As I’ve already said, RedTrack does a lot to simplify and ease the use of their tracking software, so they have dozens of traffic sources preset in your account as templates.

RedTrack Review campaign tracking

If choose a source from the list, the postback URL and the key subs will be already filled in.

RedTrack Review campaign tracking tool

If the source of your choice is missing, you can add it manually too. Their support team also adds Traffic Sources to the list by request.


Add Affiliate Network

Adding your affiliate network to RedTrack is really simple. Again, you can choose the network from their list or add a new one manually.

RedTrack Review campaign tracking tools

When you add Affiliate Network make sure you filled in these 3 fields:

RedTrack Review affiliate campaign tracking tools

Assign offer

Once you added the Network to RedTrack, you can assign your first offer with it. This is the hardest part of the setting-up process, but once you do it a few times, you will be able to add new offers without any issues.


I would advise to follow these steps while adding your first offer:


  • Add general info: name, payout
  • Assign affiliate network from the previous stage
  • Add offer URL and make sure to pass {clickid} parameter
  • In the generated postback URL make sure that you pass back the clickid parameter
  • Optionally set the DailyCap (if any is imposed by the offer) and set alerts to be notified when cap is reached

RedTrack Review affiliate campaign tracking tools free

When you added Source, Network and Offer, you can create campaign.


Create Campaign

The setup of the campaign is intuitive and should present no difficulty. The most interesting part in the setting process is the possibility to create several streams and paths within one campaign and distribute traffic among them. When can it be useful? For example, if you want to test which traffic, mobile or desktop, performs better in your campaign, you can create 2 streams with the filter of Device type. As a result you receive the data performance of each traffic, and the decision making becomes as easy as never before.

RedTrack Review affiliate sales campaign tracking tools free

Once you’ve setup your campaign, make sure to play around with RedTrack, and check out all the rest features, like adding custom domains and landers.

Give them a try and share your experience with in the comments below.

Access free plan here.

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