Red Dead Stadia Online Players

Red Dead Online players will be able to transfer their Stadia accounts to the game | Red Dead Stadia Online Players

Red Dead Stadia Online Players : Google recently announced that Stadia will be shut down in January 2023. Some people are more concerned than others about the company’s decision to abandon its cloud gaming venture. Red Dead Online players, in particular, have logged almost 6,000 hours in the game on Stadia, progress they assumed they would now lose.

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ItsColourTV published a screenshot on Twitter following the Stadia announcement, revealing they have been playing Red Dead Online for 5,907 hours and asking Rockstar for the ability to transfer their account. The developers of Colour have returned to Twitter this week with an update and good news for those who have been playing the game on the Google platform. As a result of what were presumably a number of messages, Rockstar has confirmed that Stadia account transfers are now possible.

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“All active Stadia players who played Red Dead Online within the 30 days prior to Stadia announcing their shutdown will be able to carry over any earned RDO$, Gold Bars, XP, Role XP, and Role Tokens,”

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The following is Rockstar’s response to Colour. It is included a link to instructions explaining how to do it, offering PS4, Xbox One, or PC as potential options.

Uncertainty remains as to whether Rockstar has been pressured into making this an option, or whether it has been doing so since it learned Stadia was closing. According to other developers, Rockstar did not learn about Stadia’s closure until Google announced it publicly. The day before, CD Projekt announced that Cyberpunk’s 2077 DLC would be available on Stadia.

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In the future, that will not be the case since the Phantom Liberty DLC will not be released until after Stadia has been shut down. The news that Red Dead Online players who use Stadia will not lose their progress is a welcome development for the community. The team has not had much to celebrate this year since Rockstar announced that the game would not receive any more major content updates.

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