How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle 2021

Hey friends I hope you all are doing good . I am writing this post after getting some good response from my previous

post which is Amazon kindle self publishing Ebook – step by guide 2016 .  So this post “How To Promote Your

Ebook On Amazon Kindle 2016” will be a 2 post on amazon kindle self publishing guide.

So shall we start ?

OK let’s do this .

If you think that publishing your book was the only thing you needed to become an author, then think again. Your work as an author has just started. Amazon promotes your book to full extent but only if you are serious about it. If you make right amount of efforts to get your book noticed by Amazon, then Amazon will take care of the rest.

Now I am going to tell you some insanely awesome promotional techniques that have been kept a secret from you by all the marketers. I am going to tell you 7 incredibly powerful marketing techniques that will make your book stand out from the crowd and will help it become a favorite of Amazon as well. Now, let’s get started immediately, without any further ado.

How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle 2016

PROMOTIONAL TECHNIQUE 1: Creating a high quality cover – I have told you earlier also why it is important to create a high quality cover. I have even shown you samples of high quality covers and poor quality covers.

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Before you try to make your own cover or outsource it, take a good look on the top selling books of your niche. Watch them carefully and try to figure out a pattern. One thing I figured out when I saw covers of the top book was that they were of high quality, made by professionals. The covers went in sync with the title and the category of the book. Moreover, a good cover depicts a story to the reader.

One more thing I observed was that the images used in the cover were unique and different. Not to mention they were of high quality. The images were literal and conveyed everything to the reader, leaving no chunk of information for further interpretation.

Also, all the covers have the name of the author as well. High quality covers are simple, yet brilliant. The covers need not to be too much crowded or complex. They are put up there to convey a message and persuade the reader to buy it. A good cover does that.

Take help of a professional if you are not good at designing covers. I barely have any knowledge of such things so I always outsource it to a good designer. A good designer also offers me 2-3 revisions which are more than enough for me.

[How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle] PROMOTIONAL TECHNIQUE 2: Writing a compelling title Your title is the next most important thing after the cover. Many a times, people read the title first and then look at the cover. If the cover looks mesmerizing they forget about the title and barely read it again. But writing a good title is important because a good compelling title is responsible for more than 25% of the sales! Yeah! I know that’s insane! But trust me. This is the truth.

The way I choose my title is as follow. I firstly write my primary keyword. For example my primary keyword is Jogging. Now, I write my primary keyword as the first word of my title and then again add my primary keyword in the title. Afterwards, I frame the rest of my title with some powerful words that convert well.

The powerful words that I am talking about are:


  • Ultimate Absolutely Super
  • Master Proven Formula
  • Blueprint Authority Results
  • Guide Process
  • Step by step Learn
  • Insane Killer
  • Magic button System
  • Immediate

I use a combination of these words in my title. For example for the niche Running, the title of my book could be:

“Running: Excel at running even if you hate it”


“Running like a Pro: The ultimate step by step guide on running”

In a nutshell, the formula for a successful title is to use your keyword twice. Amazon loves it. If you do this, you are bound to rank higher in the search results even if you have higher sales rank. You don’t believe me? Let me show you what I mean.

How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle -1


If we closely analyze the results, we will find that most of the books have the primary keyword in their title. Have a look at this

How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle -2

KWT means ”KeyWord in Title” and KWD means “KeyWord in Description”.


I hope now you have learned how to pick up the titles of your book. Analyze the top rankers and you can create your own title with the results of the analysis.


[How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle] PROMOTIONAL TECHNIQUE 3: Choosing the categories wisely – This is the third strategy to take care of while promoting your Kindle book. If your book is in a good category, chances are it will generate good revenue. But if it is in a category where the competition is too high or there is no earning potential then there wouldn’t be many sales. And low or no sales means almost no profit. So, it’s very important to choose the categories wisely. Amazon offers you to list your book in two categories.

While choosing the two categories, you can very easily identify if the category is good for your book or not. The first thing to look is that the category should be relevant to the niche of your book. It should resonate with the title as well. Next, to check the profitability of a category, simply look at the sales ranks of the books listed in that category.

If the rank of #1 book is around 5,000-8,000 and the rank of #20 book lies between 50,000-80,000 in the paid category, then the category is profitable and can be easily dominated. However, if the rank of the #20 book is 10,000, there is very stiff competition in that category. But it doesn’t mean that your book can not rank in that category. It still can. It’s completely possible. But it would require a lot of time and efforts on your part to outrank so many books that are already doing well.

When I was publishing my first book, I was looking to rank my book in a profitable niche with moderate competition. I did this because I knew if I can rank a couple of my books on #1 spot in the paid category initially; my future books could rank well irrespective of the competition.

How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle -3

I would recommend you to do the same. Pick up a niche which is profitable as well as has low or moderate competition and try the promotional techniques to rank your book there. It will work. I can tell you that from my own experiences as well as the experiences of my friends and people who have tried this.

[How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle]  PROMOTIONAL TECHNIQUE 4: Putting up a hypnotic description – A good description is the next thing that you would want to include. A good description looks neat and clean, has a simple and organized structure. It also has the primary keyword sprinkled across all over the text. Yes, this is an SEO technique! A white had technique. And it works too. I will show you the results in a while.

The trick is to make sure that the keyword density is low. Normally, when we do white hat SEO for our websites, we ensure that the keyword density remains between 2-4%.

Well, in case of Amazon, I have had awesome results having my keyword density as high as 6%. But let me warn you. Anything above that and you are going to catch attention and get yourself whipped from Amazon. Don’t do keyword stuffing in the text. Just put your keywords naturally.

Let me give you an example of a good description with good keyword density. As you can see here, the keyword density is close to 4.4% which is good. It could have been better if it could be close to 6%. But we don’t have to do something just for the sake of doing it.

Just keep it natural and most importantly, the content you are putting up should make sense.

How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle -4

The second most important thing you have to keep in mind while writing the description is that your description should be written by a copywriter. It should compel the reader to purchase your book. The description should be sellable. It should inspire the person who is reading it that the book can genuinely change his life. Until and unless the description of your book doesn’t give any reason to the reader to buy it, the person wouldn’t buy it.

The last important thing to add in your description is a powerful CTA or Call To Action.

You have to add a CTA to urge the reader to take action, in this case, buy your book. If there is no CTA in place, the reader will simply move on to the next book. You don’t want that, right? The CTA should sound natural and go with the flow of content. It should not sound fake, rather should sound very genuine.

I’ll give you an example. Here is a book which has a powerful CTA embedded in the description and it sounds totally natural too.

How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle -5


[How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle]  PROMOTIONAL TECHNIQUE 5: Taking leverage of your inner circle – I can bet you that you must have forgot about this technique of promoting your Kindle book. But I haven’t. And it’s my responsibility to remind you to make a list of people whom you are close to. Your own inner circle. This includes your family, relatives, friends, colleagues, classmates, people with whom you hangout.

Sit back and take a moment to think about all these people. Write down their names in a spread sheet along with their email id’s. Once you have made a list of at least 100-150 people, send them a simple mail telling them about the book that you have recently published and ask them to buy it and review it. If you send them a good mail, you can easily get 15-20 sales for your book from your inner circle. This is an outrageous number.

If these many people buy your book and review it, which happens with me almost every time, in no time will your book be a top seller and it might become a #1 best seller in the category you have placed it. One of my close friends did it and here is the proof of the result he got:

How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle -6


[How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle]  PROMOTIONAL TECHNIQUE 6: Building your social media platforms – When you launch your book promote it on every available platform heavily, at least for the first 15 days. This gives your book an initial boost and helps you gain the momentum you need.

You can put up an article on your blog or website, post it in the groups you are added on Facebook, share it on G+ or tweet about it. Don’t forget to add the link of your book. If you do this 2-3 times a day for a fortnight, there are good chances that you would be sending good traffic to your book’s sales page on Amazon.This traffic would be good traffic and can easily convert well.

Even if this gets you 10-15 sales, then it’s not bad at all. You are doing an awesome job. Just try to scale it up the next time you do this and you would be becoming a PRO on the marketing and promotions front.

[How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle]  PROMOTIONAL TECHNIQUE 7: Ending your promotion before time – Now, this one is a big secret. A lot of successful authors have a habit of doing this. Even I do this all the time.

If we are running a free promotion campaign, let’s say of 3 days then people can get our book for free in that time. One, this is a really cool trick to make your book a #1 best seller in the free category as well. And two, it gives us a chance to convert that good free promotion to a splendid sales season. Let me tell you what I mean.

When I ran a free promotion campaign of 3 days, the result I got was:

How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle -7


And I didn’t even run the campaign for 3 complete days. It was barely on for a little more than 2 days because on day 3 of my free campaign, I ended my free promotion before time. When there were 18 hours left for my free promotion, I put up a request to end it and it got accepted in just 2 hours.

Now, for the next 16 hours my book was paid again, while it was under free campaign.

Natural, organic traffic was swarming up from Amazon and now what they were seeing was a paid book. Let’s assume that if I got 2000 downloads in a day, at least 5,000 people would have visited my book’s sales page on Amazon.

Let’s do some math here. If 5,000 people visited my page in 24 hours, in the 16 hours when I had put a price on my book at least 3,000 people would have come to my page.

Now even if 0.5% of these people bought my book, I would have got around 15 sales. And yes. I do get such number of sales. I easily get 15-20 sales by ending my free promo before time.

You can do this for your own books too. You simply need to make your book free and then end promo before time, say 12-18 hours and wait for the sales to come in. if you don’t end your promo before time, once the free campaign finishes the organic reach of readers to your book dies too. So, you won’t make many sales. But in this case, you are surely going to make a lot of sales. Try it out yourself and get ready to see some shocking results.

I have given you nice way on this topic “How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle 2016“. Now you just need to follow the guide and success and money will follow you for sure .

Now, let us do a quick recap of whatever we have learned so far.

  1. We have learned what Kindle is and what Kindle books are.
  1. Why Kindle books are more profitable and the in-numerous benefits they provide.
  1. How to pick our winning niche in just a couple of minutes.
  1. The exact method the top authors use to do the research for their Kindle books.
  1. How to write and format your Kindle book in less than 3 days.
  1. The simple step by step process of self publishing your Kindle book on Amazon.
  1. 7 Killer promotional techniques which I personally use for promoting my Kindle books and make hundreds of dollars in passive income each month.

Are you thinking that Series of Kindle self publishing guide is over ? NO .

Next time Ill be covering Below points

  1. How more kindle books directly leads to more $$$.
  2. Why it is beneficial to create a series of books and then sell them as a box set.
  3. The 7 lessons I have learned by self publishing 14 Kindle books.
  4. 5 evergreen sectors for self Kindle publishing which are ready to be capitalized right now.

So I am leaving you with this post and I hope you will like it “How To Promote Your Ebook On Amazon Kindle ” , keep reading , keep sharing , keep make money online 🙂

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