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    Project U Leak : Ubisoft’s Upcoming Co-Op Shooter, Project U, is Leaked

    Project U Leak: As information about Ubisoft’s mysterious Project U continues to leak out, more details are becoming available. Several months ago, a website appeared soliciting testers to participate in a closed beta of Project U, which revealed that the game was a co-op shooter in which many players unite against an overwhelming threat. Those testers would have to be from Western Europe and would have to be okay with playing the game on PC via Ubisoft Connect. Apart from that, we did not know much about Project U.

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    We now have a tiny bit of additional information to share courtesy of a leaked beta test invitation video. Shaun Weber (via VGC) leaked the footage, which is covered in annoying lines as if it had been stolen from a VHS tape.

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    “U stands for Unite,” said Project U creative director Damien Kieken. “As you will discover very quickly if you want to prevail in this game, uniting with other players is a must.”

    Project U has been in development for several years, and Kieken said it will be “a little different” from other co-op shooters, which Ubisoft has a number of. A few thousand testers are requested to sign up and provide feedback so that Project U can be a success.

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    Toward the middle of the video, we see bits and pieces of what may be actual gameplay. In Project U, you will see some very colorful landscapes with geometric structures that fire beams of light into the sky as well as giant floating trapezoids above a lush and verdant forest. This is definitely a sci-fi look, but it is definitely one of a kind.

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    UBisoft is seeking testers to complete a survey and answer questions after each game. The developers will maintain a Discord server where players can share feedback and report bugs. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please click here.

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    So far, no one seems to think that this is another battle royale game, and it is still too early in the game’s development to predict its monetization strategy. Based on the trend in co-op shooters, I will guess it will be free-to-play with a battle pass. That’s how Overwatch 2 decided to do things, although it’s not going as well as Blizzard might have hoped.

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