How To Prepare for AFCAT Exam 2015 {Books and Tips}

How To Prepare for AFCAT Exam 2015

AFCAT is a popular examination that can grant you a post in Ground duty branch, Technical branch, and Flying branch of the Indian Air Force. It takes place twice a year (Feb and Sep) allowing thousands of candidates test their lucks. If you  are one of the aspirants and looking for How to Prepare for AFCAT Exam , then this article is a gem for you.

We know how important a reputable is these days. Its the first thing we’re asked by every single stranger and far-living family members on the first meet. One with a good job won’t hesitate anywhere and will their life as Lion. While a Jobless or a Cheap-Job holder will recognized with his expressions only. He can’t walk with full confidence in public and has to face many challenges like to skip  the “What are you doing these days” question.

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How To Prepare for AFCAT Exam 2015 {Tips}

How To Prepare for AFCAT Exam 2015 {Tips}

How Prepare for AFCAT Exam 2015 – Tips

AFCAT Requires Graduation from a recognized university, with minimum 60% marks. If you’re eligible then don’t get late for the form and start studying from today only. Here are few tips To Prepare for AFCAT Exam 2015 that will surely come handy to you :

The Syllabus – AFCAT Exam 2015

Firstly, know the syllabus properly and practice through it. Its like a map to your destiny and you can’t know the way without the map.

Place – AFCAT Exam 2015

Get your self a peaceful and Distraction-proof atmosphere to study. If you are a person like me and study near your lappy of desktop, you’re study time can be reduced by 75%. Also put your smartphone away, or your Whatsapp/Facebook friends will destroy your future.

Prepare yourself for AFCAT Exam 2015

Buy Best Book Or Reference Book For AFCAT Exam 2015

Mentally prepare yourself before the study. First think What good can happen if you study, like you can become a pilot in Indian army or something else. This will make your mom proud, your dad happy and your enemies jealous. Now think What BAD can happen. If you won’t get your dream fullfilled, Your parents’ will loose their dream and the money they invested in your studies will be lost. Also, your enemies will get a new point to make ashamed in front of them. After thinking about the two points, start your studies.

Physically prepare yourself for AFCAT Exam 2015: Get free from bathing, eating and all things like that. Don’t eat while studying, and dont study while eating, both are killing for each other.

Set A Time

Get a perfect time: Many of us can give their 100% in morning, many in evening and most of us are owls. But better if you try to do that in morning, as our brain cells gets charged during the night and gets ready to store things.

Stay Away From Shortcuts

Don’t look for IMPs, Study all the parts of syllabus. An also be ready for outer questions. IMP makes you lazy and satisfies without even getting you studied

Practice for AFCAT Exam 2015

Solve practice papers, expected papers  and also train yourself with previous AFCAT question papers.

Take Your Test

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Test yourself. Get some unsolved papers and try to solve them without looking to answers and solutions .And while solving, imagine that you’re in exam-hall. This will mentally prepare you and give you some experience.

Be A Speedo 

Speed matters here. Solve multiple questions and enrich your skills and maintain the time limit. Time management is the key here.

Make Notes for AFCAT Exam 2015

If you find something difficult while studying, make a note of it immediately and then revise it multiple times. Then move towards another topic, dont stuck with one only. For instance, while studying you find a tough guy, firstly try understand it properly and then note it out somewhere (You can also prepare a separate notebook for that). After that revise it whenever you start and do that again when you finish your study.

Update Yourself To Prepare For AFCAT Exam 2015!

Keep yourself updated about the latest affairs and happenings. Read Blogs, Magazines, Newspapers and Journal on daily basis

Language Skills

Enrich your english skills, specially the Vocabulary. Beautify the phrases and sentences with unusual words and idioms.

Bonus Tip To Prepare For AFCAT Exam 2015

Start Solving from the easier and known questions. This will give you confidence and mental power to solve the tougher and unknown ones. If you start from the unknown ones, it may result in killing your confidence. Self-confidence is something which can make you use your full brain. If you loose it, you can’t get most out of your grey matter.

Follow all the steps stated in this article, and you’ll surely get a “Worth-disclosing” result ! By the way, if you liked the site, be sure to check our other tutorials and subscribe to get updates. If you have any question regarding the dates and Forms or anything about the exam, do comment and let us know.

You are reading – How To Prepare for AFCAT Exam 2015 {Books and Tips}

How To Prepare for AFCAT Exam 2015 {Books and Tips}
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