PowerPoint Presentation Writing: 8 Secret Weapons Experts Use

All students should fulfill different kinds of assignments. We got used to writing papers, such as a dissertation, research proposal, case study, all types of essay, etc. However, there are other kinds of tasks. One of such is a presentation. Though it should be written first, it differs from other papers because you should present and explain your project orally before the public.

This task is pretty complex but simultaneously uncommon and interesting. Typically, this sort of assignments is accomplished with the help a well-known program known as PowerPoint. If you want to create impressive PowerPoint presentations, you should learn certain tricks borrowed from a reliable team professional presentation writers who work in expert writing company.

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We have researched this matter and offer 8 secret weapons. Consider the following points:

  1. Write a script.
  2. Present one point at a time.
  3. Refuse paragraphs.
  4. Give heed to design.
  5. Use visualizations instead of slides.
  6. Stop moving the text.
  7. Make the screen blank.
  8. Have a hook.

We have divided them into two blocks.

Block #1

  • First of all, you should create a script for your future presentation. A good outline is important for any academic project unless you are the master of improvisation. You are supposed to plainly illustrate your main goal with the help of great visualizations and your smart explanations. It’s difficult to keep everything in the head. Therefore, a good plan will help to easily complete all stages of writing.
  • Make sure your script contains all needed elements – a beginning, main plot, and the defining chapter. Build a wise strategy and make your slides and visualizations intriguing. Thus, your public would eagerly await the next picture.
  • The second point is not to overdo. Many students undergo a typical mistake. They give all they have at once and every slide appears only for several seconds. This confuses and doesn’t allow anyone to understand what has been just shown on the screen. Stick to a rule to present one thing at a time. Afterward, explain it and only then, you should go to the next slide or image. Make bullet lists and hit every target in turn.
  • You should deny the idea of setting paragraphs. Many students simply kill their projects putting all they have on the screen. You should remember that the main information is written on the paper and PowerPoint simply provides illustrations to it on the screen. Therefore, use visualizations to support what you’re presenting. No long texts!
  • The final point of the first block is devoted to the design of your project. Fortunately, this program allows using all sorts of visual effects. You may use fades, flashing cards and texts, swipes and other interesting things. All you need is to learn possibilities, match them with your academic discipline and topic. Don’t forget about various fonts, such as German blackface, futuristic, psychotic handwriting, flowers, art nouveau, etc. Adapt in accordance with your theme and you’ll present a beautiful and meaningful PowerPoint presentation.

Block #2

  • Let’s review the second block. This is a graphical project, which is targeted at visual effects. Therefore, you should use them at full. You have a rich choice of possible visual effects. These are various icons, images, fonts, and something of the kind. Try to use colorful and captivating tools to make your presentation impressive. Of course, all used things must be closely related to your main question.
  • Don’t focus on slides with texts. People have enough of such experience and they require something new and more colorful. Apply to their visionary preferences. Textual slides can be used at the end of the presentation to make a concise summarization of the whole process.
  • There is one common mistake of many people. Researchers use texts that are constantly moving. Stop doing that! This gets on everyone’s nerves just because it’s impossible to concentrate on the text and read it. Once the text or image with explanations appears, make it last. Give your audience time to read and understand it.
  • Another good weapon is to make a blank screen. Do you wonder what should it mean? We’ll clarify this point. You should think outside the screen too. After you display a certain point, which is important, stop your slide show and turn off the screen. This is an effective technique. Your listeners will instantly switch their attention to the speaker. Their activity will be abruptly changed and they’ll catch every word you say.
  • During this crucial moment, interact with your audience. It’s important to make your listeners feel that they are also a part of your presentation and that you value their opinion. Put rhetoric, as well as direct questions. Lead a discussion. Engage them in the process. This will bring you additional grades and respect from the others.
  • The last secret is to have a hook. This is your own weapon. Brainstorm all possible concepts concerning your topic and try to find something uncommon and special. Take your listeners by a surprise. Appeal directly to their emotions and desires. For example, if your theme is traveling, you may say something like this “I guess all of you would like to travel the world. However, there are so many places to visit and you don’t know which one to choose. As for me, I know which three places are worth visiting because they are marvelous and even mysterious.” This is the hook. Your public would like to know what these three marvelous places are.

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