Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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    Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you will be able to take selfies, shower, and picnic with your Pokemon

    selfies, shower, and picnic with your Pokemon :The new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet game offers a wide range of activities for you to enjoy with your ‘mons in between battles. You will be able to design sandwiches yourself, shower with your ‘mons, and even take photographs with Scarlet & Violet.

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    You are able to change the colour and appearance of your hair in the trailer by using a new hair styling option. As you would expect from a hairdresser, you can also alter your looks by changing your eyes, lashes, and more, allowing you to further personalize your character. When you are finished, you can take a selfie with your ‘mons for your new profile picture.

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    Picnics are another popular activity. Here you can clean up your ‘mons after they become dirty during battle as well, not just have a little bite at these little camping spots. By using sheep soap and a shower head, you will be able to clean them. Alternatively, you may choose to play with Tsareena instead of getting soapy with her.

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    The trainer in the video above tosses a ball into the grass for the monkeys to play with, all by the picnic table. It is a family day out with the pets.

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    Although the feature is named ‘picnic’, it only makes sense that you can actually sit down and enjoy a picnic. Unlike Sword & Shield, where you gathered materials to make food, and filled out a curry ‘dex, Scarlet & Violet has you assemble sandwiches in real time. Following the bread, you will be presented with a selection of trays from which you can select toppings.

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    There is lettuce on the trailer, followed by ham, tomato, and cherry tomatoes, followed by cucumber and the top slice of bread. They attach an eevee head to a pick to keep it together. Afterwards, your sandwich and condiments are laid out on the table.

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