Friday, December 9, 2022

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    Pokemon Scarlet & Violet reveal new breeding mechanics during picnics

    New breeding mechanics during picnics : The new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet arrived today and contained 14 minutes of new information. Despite being glossed over to some extent, the new breeding mechanic in the game has left some trainers with more questions than answers.

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    The new mechanic involves picnics, which is also being introduced for the first time through Scarlet & Violet. In recent years, picnics have replaced camping as a way for trainers to let their Pokemon out of their Pokeballs in order to eat, play together, and generally relieve some stress. However, before the trailer moves on to show a minigame in which the player makes a sandwich, an egg is discovered in the picnic basket.

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    According to the narrator, the egg was not an edible one that was packed with the trainer’s scotch eggs and sausage rolls. It appears to have appeared there while their Pokemon party was relaxing. It is likely that one of them laid an egg and placed it in the basket. It is a pretty cool new mechanic, considering it wasn’t clear until now whether Scarlet & Violet would include breeding.

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    Those dissecting the 14-minute trailer are concerned about the lack of explanation as to how the egg appeared. The trailer did not indicate which Pokemon laid the egg, nor did it clarify whether the trainer will be able to influence which Pokemon will breed at picnics. You are not even given a hint as to whether you will be able to put methods in place to increase the likelihood that the Pokemon you wish to lay an egg will be the one to leave a surprise for you.

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    In the trailer above, other aspects of Scarlet & Violet are more clearly demonstrated. In the trailer, Girafarig’s new evolved form Farigaraf was revealed, and it was confirmed that EXP sharing will be a part of the new games. Trainers will also be able to make their own TMs using items found throughout Paldea.

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