Pokemon Scarlet & Violet lets you craft TMs from scavenged materials

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet lets you craft TMs from scavenged materials

craft TMs from scavenged materials : Scarlet & Violet introduces crafting for the first time. According to today’s “Jump into a Paldean Journey” video, trainers will receive crafting materials from Pokemon that can be used to create TMs at the Pokemon Center.

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The TM Machine is a new kiosk at Paldea’s Pokemon Centers that allows trainers to convert materials into TMs. Materials are gained through Pokemon battles with specific Pokemon providing specific materials. Shinx Fang, Starly Feather, Fletchling Feather, Snom Thread, and Snover Berries are some examples. After defeating or capturing Pokemon, trainers receive materials.

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Material requirements for TMs seem to be related to the Pokemon from which the material is derived. Thunder Fang, for example, requires Shinx Fangs, a Pokemon with an Electric type move. The other TMs shown are Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Struggle Bug, Aerial Ace, and Icy Wind.

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Based on the player’s inventory, the TM Machine will determine which TMs are craftable. In the case of uncraftable TMs, there will be a “???” next to the material requirements indicates a material that has not yet been discovered or perhaps a recipe that needs to be unlocked. As far as we know, all TMs require “League Points,” which can be acquired by selling materials. As well as gym battles and battles against other trainers, League Points may also be earned.

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TMs were not difficult to obtain in previous generations, but some were tied to progression or significant Pokemon Dollars. It is expected that this new crafting system will make it easier for trainers to locate the TMs they need, so long as they do not have to find a recipe for each TM first.

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We also saw Girafarig evolve into Farigiraf and Scarlet & Violet’s new autobattling feature worked in conjunction with EXP Share, which is confirmed to return to the latest generation.

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On November 18, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be available for the Nintendo Switch.