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    Pokemon Poop: BDSP dialogue unaltered implies berries are made from Pokemon poop

    Pokemon Poop: Pokemon lore runs deep. Knowing everything there is to know about the more than 900 Pokemon alone could take as much research as a PhD. Several tidbits of information will be revealed that will surprise even the most seasoned Pokemon players, such as the revelation that a woman in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl makes berries from poop.


    It’s not technically what is happening, but what appears to be some unaltered dialogue in the remakes certainly gives the impression that this is the case. The berry master’s wife sells mulch in Diamond & Pearl. As far as BDSP is concerned, there is no mulch, so the unnamed woman sells berries in its place.

    This all adds up until, as highlighted by Mx_Toniy_4869 on Reddit, the NPC begins to speak. She hints in Diamond and Pearl that the mulch is made by mixing soil with Pokemon poop. This means that all of the lines have not been altered for the remakes, as you can see below, the woman hands over berries while suggesting they are derived from the same materials that are used in her mulch offerings.

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    Although it is unclear whether this reality has been translated into the Pokemon world, one could argue that’s okay since a number of animals eat their own poop. It has been the subject of a lively discussion in the comments as to whether or not this was forgotten dialogue. Some fans seem to think the mulch-turned-berry seller is referring to the dirt in which she grows the berries. Certainly a defense the game’s creators could make if anyone confronts them about this.

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    As a result of that lively debate, a discussion has developed regarding the type of Pokemon poop that would be most conducive to growing berries. Currently, Pokemon has not capitalized on the potential of a spinoff game. You may also wish to consider this as you explore the Pokemon art exhibition coming to Manchester in the coming months. Maybe there will be someone in an official capacity there who can resolve this issue once and for all.

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