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    Pokemon Go: Xerneas Raid Guide Battle Tips

    Xerneas Raid Guide Battle Tips: In Pokemon Go, you will have the opportunity to encounter and capture hundreds of Pokemon introduced over the course of several generations of the franchise. Among these are many Legendary Pokemon that can be acquired by completing Raids, challenging PvE battles that can be taken on by Trainers and other players.

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    The Generation VI Fairy-type Legendary Xerneas falls into this category and is exclusively available in Pokemon Go Five-Star Raid battles. It is not an easy task to defeat and capture this Pokemon, so we have put together the best strategies we could come up with, in order to maximize your chances of success.

    Legendary Pokemon can be found in Five-Star Raids, the highest and most challenging level of Raid in Pokemon Go. As a result, it is recommended that you attempt this battle with a relatively large party size, ideally five to seven members.

    Although it is possible to find success with a smaller party size, this proves to be extremely challenging. Due to the time and resources required for each Raid attempt, we do not recommend attempting this when battling Xerneas, a Legendary Pokemon that is extremely bulky.

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    Xerneas: Strengths And Weaknesses In Pokemon Go

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    There are strengths and weaknesses associated with Xerneas, a Pokemon of the Fairy type. You should avoid using Pokemon of these types when assembling your Raid team because it is resistant to Fighting, Bug, Dark, and Dragon-type attacks.

    In terms of weaknesses, Xerneas is susceptible to poison and steel-type attacks. Therefore, you should use Pokemon of these types that possess attacks that are compatible with these types.

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    The Pokemon will do more damage to its opponent when it uses attacks that match its type. This is known as the Same Type Attack Bonus, or STAB for short, and is extremely useful for maximizing damage output.

    Xerneas: Best Counter Picks In Pokemon Go

    Taking advantage of the Pokemon’s vulnerabilities is essential when constructing your Raid team, in this case, by using powerful Poison and Steel-type Pokemon. Listed below are the best choices for attempting this difficult Raid, including both Poison and Steel-type options, as well as their optimal attacks.

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    Although the following Pokemon are the most effective against Xerneas, other Poison and Steel Types can also be used to great effect.

    Steel-Type Counter Picks – Xerneas Raid Guide Battle Tips
    Pokemon Recommended Moves
    Shadow Metagross Fast Attack: Bullet Punch
    Charged Attack: Meteor Mash
    Dialga Fast Attack: Metal Claw
    Charged Attack: Iron Head
    Mega Scizor Fast Attack: Bullet Punch
    Charged Attack: Iron Head
    Mega Aggron Fast Attack: Iron Tail
    Charged Attack: Heavy Slam
    Genesect Fast Attack: Metal Claw
    Charged Attack: Magnet Bomb
    Excadrill Fast Attack: Metal Claw
    Charged Attack: Iron Head


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    Poison-Type Counter Picks – Xerneas Raid Guide Battle Tips
    Pokemon Recommended Moves
    Mega Gengar Fast Attack: Lick
    Charged Attack: Sludge Bomb
    Mega Beedrill Fast Attack: Poison Jab
    Charged Attack: Sludge Bomb
    Nihilego Fast Attack: Poison Jab
    Charged Attack: Sludge Bomb
    Roserade Fast Attack: Poison Jab
    Charged Attack: Sludge Bomb
    Shadow Vileplume Fast Attack: Acid
    Charged Attack: Sludge Bomb
    Shadow Victreebel Fast Attack: Acid
    Charged Attack: Sludge Bomb


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