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    Pokemon Go Team Building Guide: How To Build A Good Team In Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go Team Building Guide: Pokemon Go allows you to enjoy your favorite animated creatures on the go! There are many activities you can do with them, and your ultimate goal is to capture them all. Obviously, you will also need to engage in some fighting while you are at it.

    The combat in the Pokemon series has always been more complex than it appears. There are a number of details that are hidden from the player, as well as a number of details that they are aware of. We are here to help you unravel the mystery and get started building your own excellent team.

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    A Pokemon’s Basics: Type, Attacks, & Stats: Pokemon Go Team Building Guide

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    1. Type

    Pokemon have at least one, if not two, “Types.” Bulbasaur is a Grass-Type and a Poison-Type Pokemon. Pokemon are classified according to their types. A primary and secondary type will be assigned to the item, indicating its importance. Bulbasaur’s primary Type is Grass, and its secondary Type is Poison. Furthermore, moves and attacks also have Types, but they only ever possess one type.

    When a Pokemon attacks or defends, its Type and Move’s Type are taken into account. Defending will be discussed in this section, while attacking will be discussed in the following section.

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    When defending against an attack, your Pokemon’s Type determines how well the attack will land, or its “effectiveness.” The more effective an attack is, the more damage it will deal. As an example…

    Attack Type Pokemon Type Effectiveness Damage Modifier
    Psychic-Type Attack Fighting-Type Pokemon Super Effective 1.6x
    Flying-Type Pokemon Effective 1x
    Steel-Type Pokemon Not Very Effective 0.6x
    Dark-Type Pokemon Resistant 0.4x

    2. Attacks

    There is a limited number of attacks that can be learned by each Pokemon. There are two types of attacks: a Fast Attack and a Charged Attack. For more information on how to change your Pokemon’s Fast Attack and Charged Attack, please refer to our in-depth guide.

    This is the attack that the Pokemon will use whenever you tap the screen. Fast Attacks are only known by one Pokemon at a time.

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    The Charged Attack is an extra-powerful attack that must be charged by landing Fast Attacks. There is at least one Charged Attack known to all Pokemon, and most Pokemon can learn a second Charged Attack by spending Stardust or Candy.

    You should consider the following factors when selecting your Fast Attacks and Charged Attacks:

    • Damage (also known as Power) – Damage (also known as power) refers to the actual amount of damage sustained by the opposing Pokemon. When viewing a Pokemon in-game, you can see this number next to the move.
    • Cooldown – During the cooldown period, the Pokemon must wait for a certain amount of time before performing the move again.
    • Damage per Second (DPS) – In order to compare a move’s DPS against those of other moves, you divide the attack’s damage by the cooldown length.
    • Energy – Fast Attacks generate energy that is used to power Charged Attacks. An energy statistic for a move indicates how much energy it generates each time it is executed.
    • Energy per Second (EPS) – A move’s energy generation divided by its cooldown length gives the move’s energy per second (EPS) so that you can compare it with other moves.
    • Energy Meter – The Energy Meter indicates how much energy is required for a Charged Attack to be used.

    We can give you a few tips, but you will need to investigate the attacks that your particular Pokemon is capable of using.

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    In the first instance, certain Attacks are only available to Pokemon who have been caught during special events. The Sacred Fire Attack is only available to Ho-Oh caught during the Pokemon Go Tour: Johto event. Most of the time, you will find that these exclusive Attacks are much more effective than any other option available to you.

    Second, you should be aware of the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB), which increases an attack’s damage by 20%. The STAB is applied to a Pokemon when it attacks if its move is of the same type as the Pokemon. As an example, Bulbasaur is a Grass- and Poison-type Pokémon. It would increase the damage done to the opponent by 20 percent if it applied a Grass-Type Attack (such as Vine Whip) or a Poison-Type Attack (such as Sludge Bomb).

    Thirdly, it is important to consider how your Fast Attack and Charged Attack will interact. It is undesirable to have a Fast Attack with a low EPS and a Charged Attack with a large energy meter. You may have some wiggle room here and different people have different preferences, but your biggest mistake would be to ignore this aspect entirely.

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    3. Stats

    There are three traits that are measured when determining the quality of a Pokemon: its Attack, Defense, and Stamina. In the image above, you can see how you can check a Pokemon’s stats using the PokeGenie application.

    In every species, there is what is known as ‘base’ stats; this refers to the weakest a Pokemon can naturally be. The base stats of a Bulbasaur, for example, are 118 Attack, 111 Defense, and 128 Stamina. There is a maximum base stat of 255. It is not possible to view the species’ base stats in-game, so you will need to find the information online.

    A Pokemon’s Individual Values (IVs) are added to its species’ base stats. When the player asks their Team Leader to appraise a Pokemon, they are shown a scale from 0 to 15. The Team Leader may show you a Pokemon that has no stats, which means that it is the weakest that the species can possibly be, as it relies entirely on its base stats.

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    As part of an appraisal, the Stamina stat is marked as ‘HP’, since this stat plays a significant role in determining how much HP a Pokemon has.

    A Pokemon’s Attack, Defense, and Stamina (determined by a combination of its base stats and IVs) determine its Combat Power (CP) and Health Points (HP). We will not bore you with the complicated formulas that determine how your Pokemon gains strength when its CP is increased, how its IVs are impacted, and how the game decides its HP number.

    How To Figure Out Which Pokemon Are The Best In Pokemon Go

    You are not alone if you are feeling overwhelmed. There is a great deal of information to consider about every species of Pokemon. In order to determine the best Pokemon to use, you would have to crunch numbers for a considerable amount of time. Thankfully, there are websites that have already undertaken this task on your behalf. To determine which Pokemon will be the most successful in competitive play, they compare Pokemon’s moves, stats, CP and HP maximums, and much more.

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    We recommend that you check out some of these sites in order to gain a better understanding of the subject. This guide will tell you which species are the best and which attacks they should use (among other things). Be careful not to get too entangled! You are not required to use the attacks they recommend simply because they are recommended. Take the time to determine which Pokemon are most appropriate for your play style – whether you are fighting Team Go Rocket, in a Raid, or against other players.

    Some places you can start are…

    • PvPoke (an online game in which rankings are displayed and hypothetical situations can be played)
    • Check out our guide for tips and tricks on how to use PokeGenie (an app that provides real-time feedback)
    • Silph Road (a website containing an extensive amount of information about Pokemon Go, including the viability of the game).

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    How To Buff Your Pokemon In Pokemon GoPokemon Go Team Building Guide

    As long as you keep in mind the aspects of Pokemon Go that we have already discussed, you should be able to choose and improve your very best Pokemon… however, is there any way to temporarily increase their strength? Using this method, you can buff your Pokemon in two ways.

    In the first place, there is the CP boost. When your Friendship level with a certain Pokemon reaches its maximum, you will receive this special reward. The CP Boost increases the CP of your Best Buddy by the equivalent of two power-ups whenever this Pokemon is set as your Buddy. In spite of the Pokemon’s CP being fully maxed out, it still receives a boost!

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    Mega Evolution is the second method of temporarily buffing some Pokemon. Using special Mega Energy, you can Mega Evolve a Pokemon into a more powerful version of itself if it has a Mega form. The transformation lasts for eight hours and improves the character’s CP, HP, Defense, Attack, and Stamina stats. Mega Pokemon cannot be used during PvP. It is possible to use them in battle with anyone, including Team Go Rocket. Additionally, if you take a Mega Pokemon into a raid with you, you will receive another bonus! As long as the Mega Pokemon is on the field, everyone does 10 percent more damage (30 percent if they use an attack of the same type as the Mega Pokemon).

    Building Teams For PvP, Team Go Rocket, Gyms, & Raids In Pokemon Go

    It will be crucial to determine what kind of team you should assemble based on the type of combat you anticipate. In order to begin, PvP and Team Go Rocket fights require three Pokemon in your party, whereas Gym and Raid Battles require six. Additionally, you want different stats for PvP as opposed to other forms of combat.

    If you are interested in building a team for a specific purpose, these tips may be helpful.

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    PvP Battles – Pokemon Go Team Building Guide

    • As a general rule (though not always), you should aim for a middling or low Attack IV so that you can bulk up in defense and stamina.
    • It is important to note that the Leagues significantly alter which Pokemon you will be able to use, so do not be overly focused on any one team and leave yourself unprepared for the next cup.
    • Team members should be able to cover each other’s Type weaknesses and be able to deal damage to a wide variety of Types.
    • As well, you should be aware of which Pokemon are the very best at the moment, since other players are likely to use them, and how you can best counter them.

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    Team Go Rocket Leader/Boss Battles In Pokemon Go

    There are also considerations applicable to PvP here, but to a much lesser extent since the AI controlling Team Go Rocket’s actions is not nearly as effective as a human player.

    There will be a few predetermined Pokemon used by each Leader, so you can generally know how to defeat them by simply countering their type.

    Gym Battles – Pokemon Go Team Building Guide

    • It is not necessary to choose a Pokemon that is the most recommended when attempting to claim a gym, as the stakes are not high.
    • You cannot dodge in Raid Battles, but you can do it in Gyms, so avoid choosing Pokemon with Fast Attacks if you want to dodge.
    • It is always a good strategy to choose a counter that is Super Effective against a dominant type in a gym.
    • In order to increase the difficulty of the eventual opponents in a Gym, it is advisable to add Pokemon of a Type that is not already present.

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    Raid Battles – Pokemon Go Team Building Guide

    • It is recommended that you improve Pokemon of these types in order to be prepared to take on a Legendary Raid:
    • Pokemon of the Fire type are popular in raids due to their (usually) high damage output.
    • Due to their natural balance of offense and defense, and their effectiveness against Normal and Dark-type Pokémon, Fighting-Type Pokemon (especially Machamp) are extremely popular.
    • A Dragon-type Pokemon is always a good choice because it is highly effective against itself and many raid bosses are Dragon-types.
    • The best Pokemon to use against a Dragon-Type Raid Boss are Fairy-Types (such as Gardevoir) and Ice-Types (such as Glaceon).

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