Pokemon GO Stardust Hack Every Possible Way To Earn Stardust

Pokemon GO Stardust Hack: Every Possible Way To Earn Stardust

Pokemon GO Stardust Hack: Pokemon Go contains many important items, but stardust is one of the most essential items for upgrading your Pokemon. When you train a powerful Pokemon, you can use stardust to increase its combat power, teach it new moves, and much more.

As stardust is crucial to Pokemon training, there are numerous ways to obtain it in Pokemon Go. There are a number of ways to earn stardust, some of which require direct action while others allow you to earn it passively. Here is a guide that will show you how to earn stardust in Pokemon Go.

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Stardust Bonuses In Pokemon Go

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Pokemon GO Stardust Hack Every Possible Way To Earn Stardust

You can multiply the stardust you receive for completing activities in Pokemon Go in a few different ways. Here are some tips to make sure you do not miss out on any extra stardust.

Use A Star Piece In Pokemon Go

You should use a star piece before using any of the following methods to collect stardust because it increases your earnings by 50 percent for 30 minutes.

It is possible to purchase star pieces in the Pokemon Go Shop for various amounts of PokeCoins, and you can also purchase them in bundles. The best time to save your star pieces is when you are about to earn a large amount of stardust.

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Furthermore, you will be able to earn star pieces during some Special Research questlines, event-exclusive tasks, and more.

Events In Pokemon Go

It is rare to find events; however, they often offer a special type of bonus. Stardust multipliers are one of the most common bonuses in Pokemon Go, so be sure to check the events section to see if there is one involving stardust. The Season of Heritage, which is currently underway, offers a stardust bonus for your first catch of the day during the month of December

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Catch Pokemon In Pokemon Go

It is easiest to obtain stardust by catching Pokemon, and you receive a greater amount of it when you catch evolved Pokemon. Catching a Pokemon at its base stage earns you 100 stardust, catching a Pokemon at its stage two earns you 300 stardust, and catching a Pokemon at its third level earns you 500 stardust.

Any form of Pokemon can be caught to obtain stardust, but farming first-form Pokemon is the fastest method since they are common and easy to catch. Obtaining new Pokemon is one of the ways to earn stardust in addition to catching them regularly.

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Hatch Pokemon Eggs

In a similar manner to catching Pokemon in the wild, you also receive stardust when you hatch an egg. You earn different amounts of stardust depending on the distance of the egg; here are the amounts for each type of egg:

2km Eggs 400-800 Stardust
5km Eggs 800-1,600 Stardust
7km Eggs 800-1,600 Stardust
10km Eggs 1,600-3,200 Stardust
12km Eggs 3,200-6,400 Stardust


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First Pokemon You Catch Each Day

The first Pokemon you catch each day earns you a bonus, so be sure to use Pokemon Go at least once a day. If you catch a Pokemon on the seventh day of the streak, you will earn 1,800 stardust in addition to 600 extra stardust for the first one to six days of the streak.

Weather Bonuses

You may earn more stardust if you catch a Pokemon of a particular type depending on the weather. You can earn 25 stardust for catching the first stage of a Pokemon, 75 stardust for catching the second stage, and 125 stardust for catching the final evolution of a Pokemon with a weather bonus.

According to the type of weather, here are the types that offer the bonus:

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Rainy Electric, Water, Bug
Partly Cloudy Normal, Rock
Cloudy Fairy, Poison, Fighting
Sunny Fire, Grass, Ground
Snow Steel, Ice
Fog Ghost, Dark
Windy Psychic, Dragon, Flying


Stardust Bonuses From Specific Pokemon

It is possible to earn extra stardust by catching certain Pokemon. The Pokemon that grant extra stardust may vary depending on the current event, but the following list outlines the current ones.

Pokemon Base Stardust
Meowth 500
Persian 700
Alolan Meowth 750
Alolan Persian 950
Staryu 750
Starmie 950
Paras 500
Parasect 700
Shroomish 500
Breloom 700
Shellder 1,000
Cloyster 1,200
Chimecho 1,000
Audino 2,100
Sableye 750
Combee 750
Vespiquen 950
Trubbish 750
Garbodor 950
Foongus 500
Amoongus 700
Delibird 500


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Open Gifts In Pokemon Go

When you open a gift, you will receive 100, 200, or 300 stardust. It is possible for you to receive gifts from your friends and to purchase gifts from PokeStops. The amount of stardust you can earn with this method is limited since you can only open 30 gifts per day (except during some events).

Feed Berries To Pokemon At Gyms

When you are at a gym, make sure you feed each Pokemon a few berries to earn 20 stardust. During a 30 minute period, a Pokemon can consume only ten berries, but you can feed any Pokemon in your team’s gym, even if there is no Pokemon defending the gym.

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Complete Tasks

Stardust is often awarded as a reward for Timed Research, Special Research questlines, and Field Research tasks. Learn how to complete these tasks and earn extra stardust here.

Complete Field Research Tasks

When you complete Field Research tasks, you will receive a variety of rewards, including stardust. In order to collect Field Research tasks, you must spin the disc at PokeStops, and you can only obtain one Field Research task per PokeStop each day. If you have a quest from a PokeStop the following day, you will not be able to get new research from that Stop. Additionally, you will be assigned a random Field Research task once per day.

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Field Research Tasks can have a wide variety of objectives, but they usually involve catching certain Pokemon, utilizing berries, throwing better-than-average throws, and battling. Each day, you will be able to earn a stamp by completing a Field Research Task. Upon collecting seven stamps, you will receive extra rewards, including 2,000 stardust.

Complete Special Research and Timed Research Tasks

As a reward for completing some Special Research tasks, stardust is awarded. It is important to note that many of the Special Research Tasks change over time; however, most are available once you have reached level five. The Special Research Tasks are assigned by Professor Willow.

Similar to timed research, timed research is limited to a specific time period, usually an ongoing event.

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Earn Rewards With Adventure Sync

Once your account reaches level five, you will be able to access Adventure Sync. The Adventure Sync feature can be activated from the Settings menu. While the Pokemon Go application is closed, this feature tracks your distance traveled. Each week, you earn stardust based on how far you walk.

You will receive 500 stars for walking 25 kilometers, 1,000 stars for walking 50 kilometers, and 16,000 stars if you walk 100 kilometers each week.

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Battle Other Trainers

As you battle in the Go Battle League, or train against the team leaders, you will earn stardust.

Go Battle League

Click the Poke Ball icon at the bottom of the screen to access the Go Battle League. By clicking battle, you will be able to enter the league. The higher the tier of the trainers you battle, the more stardust you will earn. The following is a complete guide for Season 10 of the Go Battle League.

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If you select Premium Rewards at the beginning of the league, you will receive greater rewards. However, in order to participate in this reward tier, you must have a Premium Battle Pass.

Trainer Battles

Additionally, you can earn stardust by engaging in trainer battles against your friends or the team leaders, Candela, Blanche, and Spark.

You can earn 300-600 stardust for fighting team leaders in the Great League, 400-800 stardust for fighting Ultra League leaders, and 500-1,000 stardust for fighting Master League leaders. The reward for fighting against a real opponent in any league is 500 to 1,000 stardust.

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However, this method has some limitations. During each day, you will be able to earn rewards only for the first three battles. You may not receive stardust as a result of your three, as there are other rewards as well.

Complete Raids

Raids are one of the many ways in which players can earn stardust through battling. As a reward for defeating a Raid, you will receive stardust. If you search for a gym with an egg icon, you will be able to challenge Raids. When the egg hatches, you will have the opportunity to challenge a Raid Boss at the gym. During each Raid, the Pokemon you battle will vary, but you can invite your friends if you are having difficulty.

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If you lose a Raid battle, you will also receive a small amount of stardust. There is only one time you can earn stardust from each Raid, so you cannot simply keep losing to the same boss over and over again in order to farm it.

Defeat Team Go Rocket Members

You can obtain stardust from many Team Go Rocket members by defeating them.

Defeat Team Go Rocket Grunts

Defeating a Team Go Rocket Grunt is an easy way to earn stardust as each grunt offers 500 stars upon defeat. Upon reaching level eight, you can battle Team Go Rocket members who are invading PokeStops, which will appear as black versions of PokeStops.

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Defeat Team Go Rocket Leaders

As with Team Go Rocket Grunts, Team Go Rocket Leaders offer 1,000 stardust when they lose a battle. To participate in a Team Go Rocket Leader battle, you must reach level eight. Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra are the leaders of the group. To begin a battle with these leaders, interact with either black PokeStops or Team Go Rocket hot air balloons.

Defeat Giovanni

Giovanni can be found by completing a few tasks. You must first defeat six Grunts in order to assemble a Rocket Radar. If you defeat one of the Go Rocket Leaders, you will be able to use this Radar to find another.

After defeating the Go Rocket Leaders three times (you may fight the same person more than once), you will be able to assemble a Super Rocket Radar.

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By activating the radar from your bag, you will be able to travel to PokeStops in search of Giovanni. As a result, you may encounter Team Go Rocket Grunts disguised as Giovanni, so you may not be able to fight the boss at the first PokeStop you visit. To earn 5,000 stardust, search PokeStops until you encounter Giovanni and defeat him