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    Pokemon GO Raid Battle Advice for Reshiram.

    Pokemon GO Raid Battle Advice for Reshiram.

    Pokemon GO : Reshiram is a Legendary Pokemon of the Dragon and Fire types that was first found in the Unova area. This legendary Pokemon is capable of setting the globe ablaze. Learn how to catch Reshiram after defeating it in a Raid Battle, which Pokemon to use most effectively against it in raid battles, and the best ways to use the Vast White Pokemon once it has been captured.

    Which Pokemon Should You Use in a Pokémon GO Reshiram Raid?

    Pokemon GO : Reshiram is a Dragon and Fire-type Pokemon, making it susceptible to Dragon, Ground, and Rock attacks. If you want to deal the most damage possible, it is beneficial to choose Pokémon for your Reshiram Raid Battle lineup that have a Ground-, Rock-, or Dragon-type Fast Attack and Charged Attack. A Pokémon that is targeted by these attacks will gain a same-type attack boost, increasing the damage done by these attacks by 20%. Keep in mind that Reshiram’s Dragon-type attacks will be susceptible to Dragon-type Pokemon.


    Pokemon GO  : Choose the Pokemon with the highest CP and best overall stats if you have more than one Pokemon that is capable of using Dragon, Rock, or Ground-type attacks. Bring your strongest Pokemon and take out Reshiram as swiftly as you can, keeping in mind that the speed of victory influences the number of Premier Balls you will earn following a successful Raid Battle.

    Make the Most of Premier Balls and Berries

    You will only have a certain number of Premier Balls available to you after a successful Reshiram raid, so use them wisely. By engaging in cooperative combat and dispatching Reshiram more quickly, you can earn additional Premier Balls.


    Your likelihood of successfully catching Reshiram increases when the target ring is small enough for you to make Excellent Throws. You can increase your odds even further by throwing curveballs. However, stay within your means; if you don’t think you can consistently make Excellent Curveball Throws, shoot for Nice or Great Throws rather than taking a chance on completely missing the target ring.

    Reshiram won’t make it simple for you by remaining still as you try to catch it. Don’t throw while it’s moving because that will waste your Premier Balls. Get a sense of Reshiram’s movement cycle and the breaks in that cycle by observing it. To enhance your chances of making a reat Throw or an Excellent Throw, wait for the target ring to return during one of these pauses, then throw as it starts to get smaller.


    You can use berries to catch Reshiram. It will be simpler to capture with a Razz Berry, and it will be much simpler with a Golden Razz Berry. A Nanab Berry can calm Reshiram, making its movements less chaotic and enabling you to make precise throws more readily, if you find yourself struggling to land any throws. Using a Silver Pinap Berry will make Reshiram simpler to catch and give you additional Candy when you capture it, which is helpful if you need more Reshiram Candy.

    The Catch Assist Perk is available to Buddy Pokemon Go with a Buddy Level of Great Buddy or higher. Your friend might be able to have a second chance to catch a Pokemon if a Poké Ball is deflected by one, even if it is a Legendary Pokemon!

    Reshiram is challenging to catch like any Legendary Pokemon, so don’t give up if it escapes. Stock up on helpful supplies like Max Potions, Max Revives, and Golden Razz Berries to give yourself a second wind and try again.

    After You Catch Reshiram in Pokemon GO, What to Do?

    • Initial CP of Reshiram: 2,217–2,307.
    • Initial CP Range with Weather Boost for Reshiram: 2,771-2,884.
    • Available fast attacks include Fire Fang and Dragon Breath (Fire)
    • Crunch (Dark), Draco Meteor (Dragon), Fusion Flare (Fire), Overheat (Fire), and Stone Edge are among the available charged attacks (Rock)

    Reshiram can withstand attacks from Steel, Grass, Electric, Bug, and Fire types because it is a Dragon and Fire-type Pokemon. As one of the most potent Fire-type Pokemon, Reshiram is a great candidate for taking on certain Raid Bosses, like Mega Beedrill, Scizor, Registeel, Mega Abomasnow, and Zekrom.

    Make sure this Legendary Pokemon knows the Fast Attack Fire Fang and the Charged Attack Overheat if you intend to use it as a Fire-type attacker. You’ll want to power Reshiram up as much as you can so that it can do damage for as long as it can without going down. Reshiram should be able to deliver a significant amount of damage to a raid boss because to his respectable maximum CP.

    Reshiram’s dual typing, Fire-type attacks, and high maximum CP make it an asset in Trainer Battles, which can be helpful in the GO Battle League’s Master League. Although there are many Dragon-type Pokemon in the Master League, Reshiram has the unique advantage of having good matchups against notable Fairy-type Pokemon like Togekiss and Zacian. Additionally, Reshiram has two Charged Attacks—Overheat and Draco Meteor—that are practically certain to finish off the majority of adversaries while their shields are down.

    It is best to take into account Reshiram’s position on your team while selecting attacks for it in the GO Battle League. Fire-type attacks will put the heat on Steel-type Pokemon if you need protection. Due to the lack of a same-type attack boost, Reshiram’s Fire- and Dragon-type attacks will deal more damage than Crunch and Stone Edge.

    Even yet, their value is still undeniable, especially in light of the Master League’s abundance of Flying-type Pokemon like Lugia and Dragonite. As another option for a potent Fire-type Charged Attack, the Fire-type Charged Attack Fusion Flare is making its Pokémon GO debut.

    Reshiram must be powered up as much as possible in order to reach his full potential in the GO Battle League and Raid Battles. By giving it a second Charged Attack of a different sort than the first, you can further increase its adaptability. Catch as many Reshiram as you can to get there faster because it will take a lot of Reshiram Candy and Stardust to complete this.

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