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    Pokemon GO PokeCoins Hack: How To Earn PokeCoins Easily

    Pokemon GO PokeCoins Hack: In spite of concerns regarding Nintendo’s use of microtransactions in games — with Animal Crossing: New Horizons comparing to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Pokemon Unite’s suspicious ‘pay-to-win’ setup — Pokemon GO is relatively lenient on microtransactions.

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    Even though this mobile game can simplify your life by offering access to extra items and more events per day, players do not have to pay money to experience and participate in 95% of the game. Additionally, it is possible to earn the in-game currency without having to purchase it outright. The purpose of this guide is to guide you through the process.

    By Putting Pokemon In Gyms | Pokemon GO PokeCoins Hack

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    Pokemon GO PokeCoins Hack How To Earn PokeCoins Easily

    For the time being, the only way to earn Coins for free is to leave your Pokemon to defend your team’s gyms. Select a gym that matches the colour of your team to begin. A button that looks like a Pokeball with a plus sign is located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Clicking on this button will bring up your Pokemon storage where you can select a Pokemon to leave.

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    Please keep in mind…

    • A gym cannot contain two of the same Pokemon (for example, if there is already a Milotic in the gym, you cannot add your Milotic).
    • A Gym can only be occupied by Pokemon who are at full health
    • The maximum number of Pokemon that can be held in a gym is six

    Which Pokemon Do You Leave?

    When deciding which Pokemon to place in a gym, you should take into account two factors:

    1. What is its defence rating? If you choose a Pokemon with a high defense, they will be able to withstand attacks from other teams for a longer period of time.
    2. What types of equipment are already available in the gym? Consider adding a grass-type Pokemon to the gym if most of the Pokemon already present are water or fire types.
    3. Is the gym likely to be taken over quickly? It may not be necessary to put a strong Pokemon in it if it’s in a high-traffic area (such as a downtown area), since you will have to use up more revives when it’s kicked out.

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    How Many Coins Will You Earn?

    You will receive Coins based on how long your Pokemon remains in the gym.

    You earn one Coin for every ten minutes that your Pokemon is in the gym. Your Pokemon becomes a coin when it is kicked out of the gym and returns to your storage, which occurs whenever another player from another team battles against and defeats your Pokemon. However, there is a limit – you are only permitted to earn 50 Coins each day. The Pokemon must be in the gym for eight hours and twenty minutes in order to earn the daily maximum.

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    This allows you to strategize about where and when to place your Pokemon. Even if you place Pokemon in three different gyms and they are all kicked out the following day, you will only earn 50 coins. It is possible that you could have earned 150 Coins if they had been kicked out on three different days. You can feed your berries to any Pokemon in your team’s gym in order to heal them. It would normally be necessary for you to be near the gym in order to do this, however, if one of your Pokemon is in the gym, you can do it at any time. You can earn more coins by strategically healing one Pokemon so that it survives until the next day.

    By Buying PokeCoins

    It is easier (and more expensive) to obtain PokeCoins by purchasing them with real money. It is possible that prices will vary…

    • Depending on the region where you live
    • Due to the fact that they have been adjusted for affordability in your region by the developer
    • Due to the fact that they have been adjusted for inflation

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    At the present time, the price of PokeCoins is as follows:

    Amount of PokeCoins Price (USD) Price (CAD)
    100 0.99 0.99
    550 4.99 6.99
    1,200 9.99 13.99
    2,500 19.99 27.99
    5,200 39.99 54.99
    14,500 99.99 139.99


    Note: PokeCoins should never be purchased outside of the Pokemon GO app as these are often illegal scams, and the developers have every right to punish you for this by restricting or deleting your account.

    Scrapped Methods | Pokemon GO PokeCoins Hack

    Gyms are the only method of obtaining PokeCoins in Pokemon GO, a complaint often heard from Pokemon GO fans.

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    In New Zealand, Germany, Australia, and Taiwan, Niantic tested a system that allowed players to earn Coins by completing tasks similar to those required for Field Research. It was, however, accompanied by a nerf to the Gym method of earning coins. The amount of coins they could earn by placing Pokemon in gyms was limited to 30 per day. Their fans also expressed anger and frustration as a result of this. Ultimately, the project was abandoned and never implemented elsewhere.

    At the time of writing, there have been no indications that Pokemon GO will attempt to respond to fans’ complaints in another manner.

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