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    Pokemon Go FAQ: All About Daily Adventure Incense

    Pokemon Go FAQ: As you use Pokemon Go, you will continue to be encouraged and rewarded for your adventurous efforts. Among the latest features added to the game is the Daily Adventure Incense, which contributes significantly to this motivation. While playing Pokemon Go, it provides you with additional resources and incentives to venture out into the world.

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    As with the existing Incense types in the game, this new type of Incense attracts Pokemon to your location for a set period of time. The unique feature of this item is that it can be activated every day, in contrast to other items that can only be used once. Here you will find all the details and information you need regarding this new item.

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    What Is Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense?

    Pokemon Go FAQ All About Daily Adventure Incense
    Pokemon Go FAQ All About Daily Adventure Incense

    It should be noted that this item is a variation on other Incense items that are already available in the game. The Daily Adventure Incense can attract Pokemon that are not usually found in the wild, allowing you to encounter Pokemon that are otherwise uncommon in your area. The effect will last for 15 minutes, and it will only be effective if you are moving around during that time. It is possible to activate and use this device once a day, as its name suggests.

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    How To Activate Daily Adventure Incense In Pokemon Go

    You will find your Daily Adventure Incense in your Item Bag; it can be activated just as any other incense. As well as being unable to use your Daily Adventure Incense while another Incense is active, you cannot activate another Incense while using your Daily Adventure Incense.

    In order to obtain this new item, you will need to complete new Special Research focused on Daily Adventure Incense.

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    The item will be removed from your Item Bag once it has been used, and will reappear the following day. In addition, this item will not count towards your total item limit, allowing you to acquire and use it even if your inventory is full.

    What Else Do You Get In Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense?

    To ensure that all players are able to fully enjoy Daily Adventure Incense, Pokemon Go is offering free Poke Balls to those who require them. Upon activating your Daily Adventure Incense, you will receive 30 Poke Balls if you have less than 30 Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls.

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    As a result, you are able to make the most of your Daily Adventure Incense, allowing you to explore new Pokemon and catch them.

    Sharing Your Adventure In Pokemon Go

    You will be given the option to share your adventure after catching any Pokemon during the 15 minutes that your Daily Adventure Incense is active. The pictures can be easily shared on social media, showcasing the different Pokemon you caught.

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