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    Pokemon Go: Complete Buddy Widget Guide

    Buddy Widget Guide: The developers of Pokemon Go have released a second widget for mobile devices. Both Android and iOS devices are compatible with Buddy Widget, which keeps track of Buddy Pokemon and a few key stats, proving to be an extremely useful and convenient feature.

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    As this widget provides valuable information without the need to open the Pokemon Go application, knowing the ins and outs of it is essential to maximizing its potential. The following guidelines will assist you in setting up and installing the new Pokemon Go Buddy Widget, which will add ease and accessibility to your overall gaming experience.

    What Is The Pokemon Go Buddy Widget?

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    Pokemon Go Complete Buddy Widget Guide

    During Pokemon Go, you can select one of your Pokemon as your Buddy, which will provide them with different benefits. Among the most notable features is that if players feed their Buddy Pokemon berries, they will join them on their adventures and walk alongside them. A player can earn Candy for their Buddy Pokemon by walking with them for a set distance, which varies depending on the Pokemon.

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    As with their previous Egg Hatching Widget, the Buddy Widget provides users with key information directly on their mobile device’s home screen, reducing the need for users to open the Pokemon Go app in various circumstances. This widget provides information about your Buddy Pokemon centered around your Buddy Pokemon.

    • You have selected a Buddy Pokemon.
    • The possibility of feeding them more berries.
    • As a result of your daily “Walk Together” activity, your progress and Buddy Hearts have been earned.

    While playing Pokemon Go, you can view this information without having to enter the app, saving you time and effort.

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    How To Install The Pokemon Go Buddy Widget

    In order to install this widget on an Android or iOS device, there are a few simple steps to follow. To install the Pokemon Go Buddy Widget successfully on your device, follow the instructions provided.

    How to install the Pokemon Go widget on an iOS device

    1. Press and hold any app or widget on your Home screen.
    2. In the upper-left corner of the screen, click the plus symbol.
    3. Select Pokemon Go from the search results.
    4. The Buddy Widget should be selected.
    5. On your Home screen, place the Buddy Widget where you would like it to appear.
    6. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click “Done”.

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    How to install the Pokemon Go widget on an Android device

    1. On your Home screen, hold down any empty space.
    2. Click on “Widgets”.
    3. Hold down the Pokemon Go Buddy Widget for a few seconds.
    4. On your Home screen, slide the widget to the desired location.
    5. Place the widget by lifting your finger from the screen.

    When using Pokemon Go’s widgets, it is recommended that Adventure Sync be enabled. In this way, your movements can be tracked even when the app is not open.

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