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    Pokemon GO Battle League: A Beginner’s Guide To The GO Battle League

    Pokemon GO Battle League: In Pokemon GO, players can catch Pokemon and use them to claim gyms, participate in raids, battle Team GO Rocket, and compete with other players! GO Battle League is the name of this PvP mode. For players who are unfamiliar with the GO Battle League, this guide provides an overview of how it works.

    The battle menu can be accessed by tapping the Pokeball in the bottom center of your screen and selecting “Battle” from the menu that appears.

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    Battling In The League Step 1: The Rewards To Choose From In Pokemon Go

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    If you decide to battle in the Pokemon GO League, you have two reward tracks to choose from. If you win, you will earn a reward along the track, up to a maximum of five rewards. As soon as you have battled five times, you will be able to select which reward track you would like to use again.

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    Basic Rewards

    Entry Fee: Free

    After a few wins, a mystery Pokemon is awarded, followed by several rare candies after four or five wins. Depending on the season, the rewards will vary.

    It should be noted that the basic rewards used to be subject to a walking requirement. As a result of the pandemic, it has been removed and will not be returning.

    Premium Rewards

    Entry Fee: Premium Raid Pass

    There is no doubt that the premium rewards are superior to the basic rewards, providing a greater number of items, stardust, and candies, but there is a catch. It is necessary to purchase a Premium Raid Pass in order to obtain them. We recommend that you only enter when you are confident in your ability to win. As with basic rewards, the exact details will vary from season to season

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    Battling In The League Step 2: The Leagues To Choose From In Pokemon Go

    After choosing either the basic or premium rewards, you will be prompted to choose from a selection of Battle Leagues. There are times when Niantic does not make all the leagues available. Depending on when you are playing, you may only be able to access certain leagues. On October 16, 2021, players had access only to the Halloween League and the Great League.

    There are restrictions on which pokemon can be selected in the various leagues. They may restrict the type, the CP (combat power), and other factors. There are three basic leagues: the Great League, the Ultra League, and the Master League.

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    League Name Requirements To Unlock Restrictions On Pokemon That Can Compete
    Great League None
    • Pokemon must be at or below 1500 CP
    Ultra League Have 3 Pokemon with 1500 (or more) CP
    • Pokemon must be at or below 2500 CP
    Master League Have 3 Pokemon with 2500 (or more) CP
    • None
    Premier Cup None
    • Legendary Pokemon are banned
    • Mythical Pokemon are banned
    • CP limit (dependent on the season)
    Flying Cup None
    • Only Flying-type Pokemon
    • Pokemon must be at or below 1500 CP
    Halloween Cup None
    • Only Poison-, Fairy-, Dark-, Ghost-, and Bug-type Pokemon
    • Legendary Pokemon are banned
    • Mythical Pokemon are banned
    • Pokemon must be at or below 1500 CP
    Little Cup None
    • Only Pokemon that can evolve but have not ever evolved
    • Pokemon must be at or below 500 CP
    Kanto None
    • Only Pokemon whose Pokedex number is between 001 and 151 (native to Kanto)
    • Pokemon must be at or below 1500 CP
    Catch Cup None
    • Mythical Pokemon are banned
    • Only Pokemon who were caught during the ongoing season
    • Pokemon must be at or below 1500 CP
    Holiday Cup None
    • Only Normal-, Ghost-, Grass-, Flying-, Electric-, and Ice-type Pokemon
    • Pokemon must be at or below 1500 CP
    Love Cup None
    • Only select Pokemon allowed
    • Pokemon must be at or below 1500 CP
    Retro Cup None
    • Dark-, Steel-, and Fairy-type Pokemon are banned
    • Pokemon must be at or below 1500 CP
    Element Cup None
    • Only Fire-, Water-, and Grass-type Pokemon
    • Pokemon must be able to evolve but have never evolved
    • Pokemon must be at or below 500 CP
    Bidoof Cup None
    • Only Bidoof
    • Pokemon must be at or below 500 CP
    Little Jungle Cup None
    • Only Normal-, Grass-, Dark-, Bug-, Electric-, Poison-, Ground-, and Flying-type Pokemon
    • Pokemon must be at or below 500 CP


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    Battling In The League Step 3: Choosing Your Pokemon In Pokemon Go

    Once you have selected a league, you will be prompted to select the Pokemon you wish to fight. If you have selected a league, you will only be able to select Pokemon that meet the requirements of that league.

    You will be automatically assigned to a team by the app. Usually, this team is reliable, but it is not always the best option. Please use your recommended team until you become more familiar with the system.

    Battling In The League Step 4: How To Battle Against Another Player In Pokemon Go

    When you are satisfied with your team, click the “Use This Party” button. A player will be paired with you to fight against – the game aims to match players of similar skill levels whenever possible.

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    Attacking And Switching Pokemon In GO Battle League

    Simply tap the screen of your smartphone to attack.

    To switch Pokemon (for example, to get a type advantage), simply tap on their pictures in the bottom right corner.

    Charged Attacks And Shields In GO Battle League

    When your Pokemon lands an attack, their charged attack will become stronger. The gauge in the bottom-center of your screen will fill up when your super-powerful move is ready to be launched. As you tap the bubbles that appear on the screen, the more damage will be done by the charged attack.

    In the event that one player initiates a charged attack, the other player will be asked whether to use a shield. As a result, the charged attack will not hit the Pokemon, but each player will only have two shields available in each battle. Make good use of them!

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    Your Stats – Pokemon GO Battle League

    Rankings are merely indicators of your progress in the league. Every time you participate in a battle – especially when you win – you will earn experience towards your rank. This is the number on the inside of your badge. Each season, the ranks are reset.

    The rating you receive during a battle is a measure of how good you are. You will not be able to see it until you reach a high rank. A higher rating will be awarded if you win a match, while a lower rating will be awarded if you lose a match.

    Please note that your rank and rating are only affected by your performance in the League. It is not possible to change NPCs or friends by fighting them.

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    Seasons are periods of time during which players earn rank and rating. During a new season, many aspects of the battle league will change: new rewards will be available, ranks will be reset, and so forth. Currently, players are competing in Season 9, which runs from August 30, 2021 to November 29, 2021.

    You may view other stats on the Battle page besides rank and rating for your own consideration. View your lifetime stats at the top of the page, or scroll down to view the current and previous season’s stats.

    Battling Nearby Players In GO Battle League

    In order to battle a friend nearby, you must go to the “Nearby Battle” section of the page. Please have your friend scan the QR code (or you can scan theirs). In a few moments, a pop-up message will appear inviting you to the match! As a result, the fight proceeds in the same manner as any other.

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    Battle Training In GO Battle League

    Towards the bottom of the Battle Page, you will find icons representing the team leaders: Blanche, Candela, and Spark. You will be offered the opportunity to train with one of them if you tap on it. In the event that you agree, you will face off against the leader and its Pokemon. Unlike Grunts, these fights are not particularly challenging (they do not use shields), but they serve as a low-stress introduction to battle before engaging in an actual confrontation. By battling with your buddy Pokemon in your party, you can also earn hearts with them.

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    Creating Parties In GO Battle League

    If you swipe on the Battle Screen, you will be able to establish teams for the different leagues in advance. If you are a beginner, you will not use this feature often, but when you become more advanced and want to use certain Pokemon with good stats, it will be a real lifesaver to save the party for future use.

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