Phantom Abyss Guide 5 Beginner Tips And Tricks , Don’t Rush Ahead, Master Your Whip, Don’t Forget To Roll And Slide, Gold Is Vital, Find Alternate Routes, Phantom Abyss Tips, Phantom Abyss Tricks, ,

Phantom Abyss Guide- 5 Beginner Tips And Tricks

Phantom Abyss Guide: It can be overwhelming the first few times you run through Phantom Abyss’ ruins and dungeons. Not only do you have to deal with all those traps, pitfalls, and other grisly ways of dying, you may also be joined by hundreds of phantoms who are all showing you the different things that could go wrong.

You can start collecting artefacts right away with nothing more than a dependable whip and some basic advice, avoiding becoming yet another Phantom who will forever haunt the ruins.

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Don’t Rush Ahead – Beginner Tips And Tricks For Phantom Abyss Guide

Phantom Abyss Guide 5 Beginner Tips And Tricks , Don’t Rush Ahead, Master Your Whip, Don’t Forget To Roll And Slide, Gold Is Vital, Find Alternate Routes, Phantom Abyss Tips, Phantom Abyss Tricks, ,

Phantoms (the ghosts of players who have played before you) are one of the most helpful tools for surviving, despite the fact that they can be distracting. They may direct you in the right direction, warn you of secret tunnels, temporarily deactivate traps with their whips, and even entirely remove obstacles by succumbing to them, rendering that trap invisible and incapable of harming you. You may even wait for a Phantom to open doors for you in rooms where a key is necessary.

You don’t have to reach the finish line first in Phantom Abyss. You have more than enough time to wait and observe how others struggle, which can provide you with the knowledge you need to do what they were unable to.

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There are only two situations in which you want to be the first: first, it can be embarrassing when a Phantom opens a chest for you because the coins do not always fly your way. There are only a certain number of relics available for claim, therefore you must also make sure you are at the front by the end of the final level.

Master Your Whip – Beginner Tips And Tricks For Phantom Abyss Guide

The whip is a fantastic piece of equipment. At first glance, it appears to be useful merely for scaling ledges, but the whip has so many nuances that mastering them could be the difference between a slow or even unsuccessful run and a successful one.

It accomplishes everything. Yes, it allows you to climb up steep ledges, but it can also be used to stun some traps, such as blow-dart statues and rotating blades, unlock treasures from a distance, and save you from falling to your death. The traditional, default whip is typically all you need to get through to the relic, despite the fact that there are numerous whip kinds available with a variety of strengths and weaknesses.

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The whip’s range is frequently far longer than you anticipate, which is something that many players are unaware of. In order to harvest Phantom essence, you might fall a long way as long as you managed to latch that green lock-on cursor onto a surface at the beginning of your fall. When you’re standing on solid ground, its reach extends slightly beyond the lock-on distance, allowing you to climb into places you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

You can even hop between air current traps with the whip without getting blown away. With just a flick of the whip, you can escape those annoying traps that send you flying into the ceiling’s spikes without suffering any punctures.

Don’t Forget To Roll And Slide – Beginner Tips And Tricks For Phantom Abyss Guide

It can be simple to overlook the importance of crouching down and getting near to the ground when there is so much leaping, climbing, and wrestling going on. Always employ rolling, crouching, and sliding frequently.

Rolling’s primary function is to halt your fall and eliminate any fall-related harm. No matter how far you’ve fallen, if you can pull off the final roll, you’ll avoid receiving any hits and saving your priceless hearts. Some levels include long drops that need careful climbing down, however you can avoid them by just throwing yourself off the edge and performing a roll at the bottom.

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While they can’t be utilised to dodge traps, sliding and crouching can be used to avoid damage like rolls. Many challenges, such the spinning blades and the exploding statue heads, are just high enough to be avoided while still allowing you to move on. For those close races to the artefact at the end, sliding down hills is also noticeably faster than running.

Gold Is Vital

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It can be tempting to press ahead since it feels as though the Phantoms are pushing you. But before continuing, it’s virtually always preferable to stop and search for gold and keys.

The statues at the start and finish of each level can be purchased with gold in order to receive blessings. These can be anything from marginally helpful—having the temple guardian ignore you for a level—to drastically game-changing—getting twice as many whip shots or regaining health.

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In addition to the boxes you come across on the main road, gold can also be found in some slyly concealed crevices and nooks. They can frequently be found tucked away behind you or in rooms above the main route. Another reason to keep a watch on the Phantoms is so that their collective wisdom can point you in the direction of these hidden rewards and spare you the trouble of having to search for them on your own.

Find Alternate Routes

Not only can there be hidden pockets of rewards, but there are occasionally ways through the levels that seem less obvious or even more hazardous but are actually very helpful to use.

For instance, some rooms can be almost entirely bypassed with a daring jump, while in others, there may be ways to jump and whip around the side of large stretches of traps to avoid them. Watch what the Phantoms are doing once more because they may point out shortcuts that you might otherwise miss.

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Having said that, don’t be hesitant to try things out for yourself. Once you have a firm grasp on the whip and traversal, you’ll frequently notice paths leading from levels you hadn’t previously noticed, perhaps up and over the elaborate stone pillars you initially assumed were there only for aesthetic purposes. There’s no point in overcoming obstacles you don’t have to, and with a little practice, you can quickly move past a surprising amount of the level.