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    Pentiment Guide: How to Solve The Baron’s Murder In Pentiment

    How to Solve The Baron’s Murder In Pentiment: Ever wanted to solve a murder mystery from the Middle Ages? You can do that in the point-and-click role-playing game Pentiment. As Andreas Maler, a 16th-century painter, you get involved in the brutal murder of a visiting Baron. Even worse, your mentor and friend have been charged with the crime.

    There are two main settings in Pentiment. You’ll look for hints inside the Abbey itself and speak with nuns and monks to find possible motives. The investigation, however, also takes you to the nearby town and forest, where some locals might also have murderous intentions.

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    The Murder Suspects – How to Solve The Baron’s Murder In Pentiment

    There are barely a few days left after the Baron’s death to look into the case. By selecting the blue tab in the upper left corner of your screen, you may view the precise amount of time left at any time. The Archdeacon, Jacob Estler, must then be contacted and informed of your findings regarding each suspect.

    The same four probable suspects will always be there, regardless of the direction your story takes:

    • Lucky: In one of the game’s opening sequences, you may witness the town’s stonemason, Lucky, disputing with the Baron. You can’t hear the argument’s topic, though, because of your distance.
    • Theodora Kemperyn Ottilia will arrive from the woodland when you initially enter the Abbey with the Baron and yell insults at him. He skirts the subject when you ask him about it.
    • Prior Ferenc: You observe Ferenc acting suspiciously as you are working in the Scriptorium. Does he have something to hide?
    • Sr. Matilda: The Baron receives a negative response once more when you accompany him to the Abbey, this time from the nuns. It is obvious that there was a prior meeting.

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    Solving The Baron’s Murder – How to Solve The Baron’s Murder In Pentiment

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    The more options you have for making a strong accusation against them, the more information you will have gathered. Additionally, if you conduct yourself properly throughout the hearing, you’ll have a another chance to persuade the Archdeacon to agree with you.

    The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that, on Day 1, when you speak with Big Jorg and the Baron, the information you can find will be in part determined by the responses you select. But regardless of your response, you can still learn everything you need.

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    There is therefore no set guide because there are countless possible skill combinations. However, the information that follows will point you in the right direction.

    Investigating Lucky – How to Solve The Baron’s Murder In Pentiment

    Speak to Lucky’s wife Agnes outside the Bakery and be as courteous as you can to make things easier. You need to follow Lucky when he goes fishing with Old Otto in order to do your investigation.

    You must first inquire about the Baron with Lucky while he is at work in order to activate the option to follow him. If you press him too hard, he won’t respond and becomes irate. Avoid doing that. Instead, choose to follow him after the conversation.

    The initial attempts are unsuccessful, and you’ll be discovered. Once more, keep quiet when Lucky is speaking to you. You’ll eventually reach the lake, where you’ll take cover in a dead tree. In order to prevent insects from biting you, you must click on them in the subsequent mini-game.

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    After that, observe Lucky decorate a cemetery with flowers by following him to the salt mine. Examine the grave, then return to the city.

    As long as you haven’t upset Lucky too much, he will let you stay for dinner if you return to his home. His wife Agnes will discuss the grave at dinner.

    Investigating Ottilia – How to Solve The Baron’s Murder In Pentiment

    You can learn some of the basic details concerning Ottilia’s reasons for cursing the Baron while you were on your way to the Abbey by having conversations with a number of town inhabitants, including having lunch with Otto or Lucky. Visit her at home and ask her questions to learn more.

    Ottilia will reluctantly talk to you if you help her out with some odd jobs. This starts a series of events where you must first go gather and split wood for her in the forest before going back to her house and hanging some portraits. She will then acknowledge that she hates the Baron for what he done to her husband.

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    A broken instrument in Ottilia’s house can be investigated if you possess particular abilities and have participated in a comprehensive autopsy of the Baron. You’ll observe that the broken object matches the Baron’s fatal strike in terms of shape.

    Investigating Ferenc – How to Solve The Baron’s Murder In Pentiment

    You know Ferenc is up to something because you saw him hide something in the Scriptorium. Is it murder, though? Examine the Scriptorium and the Prior’s home outside.

    This will give you access to his written notes as well as a volvelle that can assist you in deciphering a cypher code made up of astrological symbols. Depending on your skill level, you might be able to look into this right away or you might need to find a book in the library (you’ll need to enter through the Crypt’s hidden entrance).

    You can also make a rubbing of a letter he wrote to the Baron that contains a plan for blackmail. When you enter the cemetery at the Abbey, you’ll see that Brother Gerhard’s grave has been disturbed.

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    The grave can then be dug up in a number of ways. And if you do, you’ll uncover more proof of criminal activity, which will once more put you in an awkward conversation with Ferenc.

    Investigating Matilda – How to Solve The Baron’s Murder In Pentiment

    It doesn’t take long to see that the Baron wasn’t exactly a devoted husband. And it appears that one of the nuns, who resisted his approaches, was the target of his rage.

    The mention of Sister Matilda will increase as you do your investigation. Conversations with Matilda and the Abbess after it has been recorded in your notebook will make it clear that Matilda was the victim.

    You can find evidence that Sister Matilda had to leave the Abbey in order to treat her injuries if you visit the library (see above’s section on investigating Ferenc). You can also look into a spade that Matilda frequently uses that has dried blood on it in the garden. She will claim that hunting rabbits is the cause, but it is up to you to draw your own conclusions.

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    The Meeting With Archdeacon Jacob Estler

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    Follow these instructions during the first conversation with Jacob if you want to force home your own conclusions to ensure that the person you want gets accused before the final showdown:

    • Give your name formally if prompted.
    • The aristocracy advises being courteous towards nobles when they are mentioned.
    • Interruptions: You’ll have the chance to challenge whatever Jacob says during his introduction. Keep quiet at all times.

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    Jacob will conduct a skill check after you have presented your proof. He will ask you who you believe committed the crime if you successfully responded to his questions. After that, they’ll be judged guilty. However, this is only Chapter One; the second half of Pentiment has a great deal more intrigue.

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