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    Pentiment Guide: How To Find The Secret Door To The Library In Pentiment

    Pentiment Guide: Unsolved murder Point-and-click role-playing game Pentiment is set in mediaeval Europe. You take on the role of Andreas Maler, an artist employed by an abbey who unknowingly becomes involved in a homicide. Andreas launches an investigation to clear his friend and mentor after he is charged with killing a visiting Baron.

    Andreas finds several suspects as a result of the investigation in both the Abbey and the nearby village. One area of the Abbey appears to be able to provide some much-needed answers as he gathers information and clues from a variety of characters. But the library is restricted to a small number of nuns. So, where can you find the library’s hidden entrance?

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    Where Is The Secret Door To The Library In Pentiment?

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    Speak to Lucky while he’s working in town if you want to learn more about the Secret Door from the game itself. He will tell you that he unintentionally bumped into something that caused a door to open while he was working in the Abbey’s Crypt. However, you can locate the hidden door on your own without having this discussion.

    The Crypt beneath the Abbey contains the secret door, which is accessible through the Church. After entering the Crypt, turn right and proceed until you reach the final tomb. Investigate it to examine the main panel in more detail. The mouse hand will glow red when you move the mouse pointer over particular regions of the image. Clicking on the key will cause you to hear a click and reveal that it is actually a doorway.

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    As an Xbox achievement, merely discovering the hidden door to the library is worth 15 Gamescore points. If you’re playing on a PC using Steam, there are more than 40 achievements available. However, you are unable to use the hidden door at this time. Before moving forward, you require more details.

    How Can I Use The Secret Door To The Library In Pentiment?

    You’ll need to learn more about Prior Ferenc in order to enter the library. Early on, it is clear that he is up to something sinister. You can retrieve the manuscripts that Ferenc is hiding in the podium in the Scriptorium after speaking with Sister Illuminata in the library. He is encoding messages with some sort of covert cipher. The Prior’s House, which is located in the Old Bailey, is where you may find the actual cypher.

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    Once you have the cipher, you’ll receive a journal update saying you might be able to find a book to help with it if you can find your way into the library after hours. As long as you return to the Crypt once the game’s timer reaches nightfall, the way will now be clear for you to use the hidden door to enter the library.

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