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    Overwatch 2: Doomfist Hero Guide (Best Tips, Abilities& Strategies)

    Doomfist Hero Guide: Despite being a five versus five game with over 30 characters, Overwatch 2 is oddly balanced while making each character unique and enjoyable to play. A great deal of detail has been put into the lore and abilities of every character, and players can even take on the role of the villains.

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    The main antagonist in the game is Doomfist, and he is shown beating up Genji, Tracer, and Winston in his introduction. Even though the character has undergone multiple changes in the first and second games, he remains a fun and powerful character.

    Doomfist’s Hero Role In Overwatch 2

    In Overwatch 2, all heroes are divided into three roles: Damage, Tank, and Support. Your play style is influenced by the role you play because your teammates will expect you to perform certain tasks. When Blizzard moved from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2, many characters had their roles altered.

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    As a Damage character in the first game, Doomfist is one of these characters. In the second game, he was assigned the role of Tank, which also increased his health considerably. Developers have decided to assign most characters with crowd-control abilities to either a Tank or Support role.

    In most cases, this will prevent scenarios in which a character can crowd-control an entire team, as well as deal enough damage to easily kill them. In addition, you do not have both of these abilities in one character, which encourages more teamwork.

    Doomfist’s role as a tank is to protect his team’s Support and Damage characters, who are relatively immobile. If you play Role Queue in Quick Play or Competitive, there is only one Tank character in the team, increasing your responsibilities even further.

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    In addition, he shares a passive with the rest of the Tank characters in the game that allows him to be knocked back less frequently by enemies. Furthermore, he generates some of his ultimate by taking damage or healing. As a result, he will be able to better protect his team.

    Doomfist Hero Abilities

    In addition to their roles and designs, the main characteristic that differentiates different heroes is their abilities. It is a unique aspect of this game that each hero can have four to six abilities, excluding their role passive.

    Doomfist has a total of six unique abilities, which include his weapon, active abilities, unique passive abilities, and ultimate abilities. The skill set he possesses allows him to perform in dire circumstances and distract the entire enemy team while your Damage characters finish them off.

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    In Overwatch 2, there are only a few characters who have their own unique passive in addition to their role passive. Based on their kit and desired play style, these heroes have been carefully selected by the developers.

    Tips To Play As Doomfist – Doomfist Hero Guide

    In Overwatch 2, playing this character with a giant fist can be quite overwhelming. As a Tank, you need to ensure that none of your teammates are ambushed, but your skill set also encourages you to dive deep into the enemy’s formation and distract them.

    Conflicting play styles can overwhelm a lot of players, and you must decide which is better depending on the situation. You can learn Doomfist easily by following these tips:

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    Throw Them Off, Literally

    Only a few characters in Overwatch 2 are capable of intentionally throwing people off cliffs. As soon as a hero falls down one of these cliffs, they will be instantly eliminated, and they will receive a ten-second respawn timer.

    It has been mentioned above that Rocket Punch is capable of pushing enemies a considerable distance, including pushing them off of ledges. If you see an enemy hanging around one of these, make sure to dash towards them as quickly as possible so you can catch them off guard and watch them fall to their death.

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    Doomfist only pushes enemies backwards and not upwards, so he cannot throw them off ledges with fences. In light of the fact that he has a mechanic who deals more damage if they hit a wall, these fences are considered to be walls for the purposes of this ability.

    When the enemy jumps, you must time your knockback to coincide with their jump. Moreover, if the enemy dodges your punch, Doomfist may also go flying to his death. If you are attempting to push an enemy away, you should be cautious.

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    Temporary Health Is Your Forte – Doomfist Hero Guide

    Most of the Tank characters in the game have a health level of over 600, and some even have a health level of 700. Meanwhile, Doomfist is down with 450 health, the second lowest among all Tank heroes. Due to this disparity, your enemies may be able to out-damage your entire team very easily.

    This is where his temporary health comes into play. The Doomfist is an integral part of Overwatch 2’s ability to gain temporary health. Your enemies will have difficulty dealing with you if you use his abilities correctly.

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    In order to maximize the value of his special passive, you should aim to hit as many people as possible with his Seismic Slam. In addition, your Rocket Punch is capable of hitting multiple enemies at the same time. Both heroes will suffer damage if the hero you hit is knocked back into another hero.

    Your Placement is Important – Doomfist Hero Guide

    The most troubling aspect of Doomfist’s play style is the amount of strategy that is required. As a result of your low health, you can be killed quickly even when you jump into the enemy’s back line. It is important to place the Slam so that all the enemies are roughly on one side of the screen.

    Because you will suddenly jump into them, they will all attempt to shoot you. After that, you will be able to block their attacks with Power Block and charge it up as well. Last but not least, you may unleash your deadly punch to gain even more temporary health, allowing you to continue fighting while maintaining your health.

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    As a result of his Rocket Punch, he is also well suited to fighting enemies that require a close range attack, such as Reaper and Tracer. Your Damage characters can easily kill them by simply pressing the ability to knock them back.

    In addition, Doomfist’s normal weapon bullets are quite disappointing. At long range, he can only fire four shots at a time, and the damage they cause is negligible. In addition, they are not very effective at close range, and their bullets do not have hit scans, so when they connect with an enemy, they will cause damage.

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    Only use your weapon when the enemy’s health is low, and you only need a small amount of damage to put them on a ten-second timer.


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