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    Overwatch 2 DDos Attack Again: Overwatch 2 server has been hit with a second wave of DDoS attacks

    Overwatch 2 DDos Attack Again: This week, Overwatch 2’s launch issues continued. Due to game-breaking bugs, Bastion and Torbjörn have both been disabled. Players were also temporarily unable to access most of their rosters during this period. Additionally, Blizzard’s servers were crashed by a new wave of DDoS attacks yesterday, but it appears that this issue has been resolved as of early this morning.

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    Blizzard’s Twitter account reported yesterday’s DDoS attacks, with players reporting high latency and disconnections in Overwatch 2 as well as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It lasted well into the night and was only resolved this morning. Overwatch 2 has been the subject of DDoS attacks since its launch last week, with many server-side issues likely related to these attacks.

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    However, Overwatch 2’s issues cannot be entirely attributed to DDoS attacks. A number of glitches and bugs have been reported by players, ranging from client crashes to being booted from the game after unlocking an Xbox achievement. A rough launch has resulted in mostly negative player reviews on Metacritic, which currently has a user score of 1.5.

    In addition, players were suddenly locked out of their Overwatch 2 rosters. That appeared to be another game-breaking bug that appeared after Bastion and Torbjörn were disabled. The player may be able to trigger Bastion’s ultimate more than three times if certain inputs are made at the same time. If you hold the ability button for one second, Torbjörn’s Overload ability may be triggered twice in a row with all the benefits of stacking armor. The game mode of Bastion was removed from all modes of play, while the game mode of Torbjörn was removed from the competitive mode only.

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    However, some players reported being unable to access their character rosters after both were removed. After players reported the bug on social media, Blizzard responded quickly, taking the Overwatch 2 servers offline for “emergency maintenance” between 8 and 9 PM PT. The issue appears to have been resolved following the emergency maintenance.

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