Thursday, December 8, 2022

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    Overwatch 2 Achievements: The Overwatch 2 game kicks you out for obtaining achievements

    Overwatch 2 Achievements: The launch of Overwatch 2 was not without its problems. From gameplay bugs to controversy surrounding its new battle pass, it is likely that the release period has not been as smooth as Blizzard would have liked. The situation has just gotten worse, at least for Xbox players.

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    There have been numerous reports of players being kicked out of games whenever they obtain achievements on Xbox One and Series X/S. As soon as you hear the achievement sound, the game disconnects, kicking you out of the match and returning you to the title screen.

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    Essentially, Xbox players are punished for playing well, as well as removed from their teams if they utilize their character’s abilities to the fullest extent.

    Over at the Overwatch subreddit, many Xbox players are reporting that obtaining an achievement causes them to be disconnected from the game.

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    Even worse, the bug was discovered on launch day and remains in the game. It appears that many other players were booted from about half of their games last night as well for scooping up achievements. If someone leaves your team in the middle of a match, don’t be too harsh on them – it may not be their fault at all.

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    In the absence of a patch, the only real solution would be to intentionally avoid receiving achievements. Sadly, this would result in you not playing your character very well, which may irritate your teammates even more. Besides that, if you are not playing on Xbox, it is probably a good idea to turn off cross-play for the time being. By doing so, you will be able to avoid having us unfortunate souls on your team until a fix has been implemented.

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    If you were wondering, no, turning off achievement notifications does not seem to be helpful. According to players who have tried this, they are still being kicked from matches, so the Xbox interface does not appear to be the issue. Blizzard does not currently list this problem as one of their known bugs, however, with so many reports, it is likely that a fix will be available in the near future.


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