Origin becomes an EA APP

Officially, Origin becomes an EA APP | Something Went Wrong EA APP Not Installing ?

Origin becomes an EA APP: Previously known as Origin, the game launcher and digital distribution platform has been rebranded as the EA App in a move similar to the recent rebranding of Uplay as Ubisoft Connect and Battle.net as Blizzard App. In order to preserve the long history of the platform, Battle.net has been reverted back to Battle.net. Announcing the launch of an open beta in 2020, EA noted that Origin would eventually be replaced by the EA App.

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“Today, we’re thrilled to announce that the EA App has officially left its open beta phase and will soon replace Origin as our primary PC platform,” the company said in a statement. “The EA App is our fastest and lightest PC client to date. With the new streamlined design, you will easily find the games and content you’re looking for and discover your new favorite games. With automatic game downloads and background updates, you can ensure that your games are ready to play when you are.”

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Of course, the release raises a number of questions. Several of these questions have already been answered by EA, including how the launcher will be distributed to consumers. We have worked hard to simplify the transition for Origin players to the EA App as much as possible, according to the same statement. You will receive an invitation to make the move soon, and by the time you receive your invitation, all your games and content, including those you have already installed, will be available via the EA App. All of your local and cloud saves will be transferred forward, allowing you to continue from where you left off. The list of your friends is also transferred.”

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When it comes to account linking with platforms like Steam and Epic, the company has been a little bit unclear, stating simply that “we will provide guidance directly through Steam about which app (the EA App or Origin) to download to ensure you are able to access and play your EA games.” Origin can apparently be used by players if they prefer, but it is unclear for how long this will continue to be the case.

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On June 3, 2011, Origin was launched for the first time. The game launcher was immediately met with criticism from players, with many at the time expressing a preference for Steam, its primary competitor. It was not enough to prevent Origin from becoming a substantial success, growing to well over 50 million users by 2013. Historically, the name Origin Systems has been attributed to the legendary game designer Richard Garriott, who founded Origin Systems on March 3, 1983. In 1992, EA acquired Origin Systems.

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