Oberlo Review : Making Online Entrepreneurship a Breeze 2020

Years ago, setting up an ecommerce store required technology skills and a lot of patience. You had to buy your inventory up front, and it might fill your house while you waited to sell orders. But that’s all changed with a recent phenomena: dropshipping.

With dropshipping, you no longer have to shell out money up front and have inventory shipped to your home or office. You simply establish relationships with vendors, and when you’ve sold a product, they ship it on your behalf.

That makes it pretty appealing to get into the ecommerce business, doesn’t it?

Now, there’s an easy way and a hard way to get into the dropshipping game. We won’t even go into the hard way, but suffice it to say that it takes more time and energy than you want to devote to making money. The easy way is to use the Oberlo dropshipping app. Let me tell you more about Oberlo review .


What the Heck is Oberlo?

oberlo review

Like I said: dropshipping can get complicated. Without an easy tool, you have to contact suppliers yourself, negotiate decent prices (which sometimes require a minimum order amount for the year), and manually upload and update products on your website. It’s a full-time job simply getting the products ready, and that doesn’t include actually running your ecommerce business.

But Oberlo solves all of those pain points for ecommerce. It’s an app that automates the dropshipping process, from finding products to fulfilling orders. Oberlo partners with AliExpress to give you access to hundreds of quality products you can sell for a high profit margin. The products you choose to sell can easily be imported into your Shopify store, and then shipped directly to your customers…in just a few clicks.

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Why You Want Oberlo in Your World

Who doesn’t love easy-to-use apps? Oberlo has a clean design that makes it simple to find the function you need, whether it’s adding new products to your store, setting up wish list functionality for your customers, or reviewing sales reports to see how much you’ve made this month.

The cool thing about Oberlo review is that once you’ve chosen products from AliExpress and imported them to your store, prices are automatically updated as they change with AliExpress. That means you’re not constantly updating prices yourself, and that’s a huge time-saver.

You can customize the product description and images to make your store really catch people’s attention, and you can set up pricing automation rules to cut down on the time you spend setting up your products.

And Oberlo is really great about giving you visibility into what’s happening with your online store: you’ve got integrated shipment tracking so you and your customers always know the status of a delivery, as well as a convenient sales and costs dashboard that helps you keep an eye on the bottom line.

All in all, Oberlo makes becoming an online entrepreneur super simple, fun, and profitable.

But What Do Others Say?

The fact that Oberlo is the most popular dropshipping app on Shopify should tell you that people love it. But if that’s not proof enough, check out the 1,000+ positive reviews of the app.

People who are using Oberlo have shared their success stories, which will inspire you to get started with your own ecommerce store. And Oberlo has been mentioned on top media sites like Forbes and Huffington Post.

Oberlo is no shy wallflower. As more and more people realize its value, it’s quickly becoming the go-to dropshipping solution on the market.

Ready to start your ecommerce business? You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose: Shopify has a 14-day free trial with no credit card required, and the Oberlo Starter plan is free forever, so there are absolutely no hurdles for you to try it out.

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