Saturday, December 10, 2022

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    non-jailbroken PS5: Thanks to a modder,Kojima P.T. appears to run on an updated, non-jailbroken PS5

    non-jailbroken PS5:As we reported two weeks ago, modder Lance McDonald has successfully jailbroken the PlayStation 5. As evidence of his success, McDonald uploaded a video showing him downloading the PKG file for P.T., which is no longer available. The process he used, however, was only possible with the PS5’s firmware version 4.03, which was released in December 2021. McDonald has now outdone himself in a spectacular manner.

    Today, McDonald tweeted that he had been able to get P.T. up and running on a fully updated, non-jailbroken PlayStation 5. “I have managed to get P.T. working on a fully updated, non-jailbroken PlayStation 5!” reads the tweet. This console has never been jailbroken, and I was able to transfer a hacked PS4 emulator from another jailbroken PS5 using USB backup to unlock the game on my main PS5.

    This video and tweet demonstrate exactly that – a P.T. icon on the game screen followed by gameplay. In light of the wording of the tweet, it is clear that the modder has been trying to solve this problem for some time. The ability to get P.T. to run on a console has been considered the holy grail of PlayStation modding ever since the game was removed from the PS4 in its entirety. A random episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley provided McDonald with the inspiration for how to accomplish this.

    The gist of it is that you need to own P.T. legitimately on your PSN account, as well as have your PSN account activated on a jailbroken PS5 and a normal, fully updated PS5. While out for a walk, I remembered a method that might work. I stopped in at a PC shop and bought $300 worth of USB hard drives to carry home, and I frantically began experimenting. It worked!

    Furthermore, McDonald announced that he will stream the exact process of how he achieved this feat later tonight. It will be interesting to watch and learn, but we advise you not to attempt this on your own console, since it is a delicate process that could easily result in your system becoming bricked

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