Thursday, December 8, 2022

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    No Man’s Sky 4.0 update irritates the community with its changes to inventory

    No Man’s Sky 4.0 update: Those who have played No Man’s Sky on Nintendo’s mobile console report that the game runs well on the Switch. Although the Switch port has been widely praised, No Man’s Sky’s 4.0 update that was released along with it has received mixed reviews.

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    There are no complaints regarding the new difficulty options, the quality of life updates, or the visual improvements that continue to make No Man’s Sky an absolutely stunning game. Fans are up in arms over the changes to inventory that some players are describing as a backdoor nerf.

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    In spite of the fact that the inventory revamp increased a player’s carrying capacity, it also reduced their overall capacity for technology upgrades. Players could carry a maximum of three tech upgrades in both their technology inventory and their general inventory prior to update 4.0. After 4.0, the general inventory was removed in favor of more technology and cargo inventory space, but this meant that players were unable to double up on tech upgrades in their general inventory.

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    As a result, players are weaker than they were previously. With six or more shield upgrades, players could become virtually invincible, and with the right combination of weapon upgrades, they would be able to blast pirates with impunity. In 4.0, that’s no longer the case, and despite the fact that there are more than enough difficult options to enable players to retain a sense of invincibility without these technological improvements, there are a number of unhappy travelers.

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    According to some fans, the inventory system should be reverted to what it was prior to update 4.0.

    The majority of Steam’s reviews since the patch dropped on Friday have been negative, with the most common complaint being the overhaul of the inventory system. In some cases, people have even sent threatening messages to Hello Games, which is a marked departure from the kind of correspondence the studio typically receives.

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    It is not universally accepted that the inventory changes are bad, and some are even acknowledging that a fully-upgraded player is still plenty powerful. There is a good chance that Hello Games will address the bugs introduced in the latest patch shortly, so expect this inventory controversy to be resolved in a minute.

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