Friday, December 9, 2022

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    New World Game will receive “Fresh Start Worlds” servers in November, featuring “revamped” quests

    Fresh Start Worlds: It is expected that New World’s Brimstone Sands update will arrive later this month, and it will bring a revamped introduction to Amazon’s MMORPG. The opening quests have been streamlined, Yonas has been relocated to Everfall, and there has been some reduction in back-and-forth monotony.

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    In our preview of the upcoming update, Harry Alston explains how that opening has been revised. As it turns out, he is not the only one excited to try out the new New World player experience.

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    “We’ve received a lot of requests for Fresh Start Worlds, so we are using the time between the Brimstone Sands release and the opening of these worlds to ensure you have a high-quality, fresh start,” wrote Amazon in its announcement. “A blank canvas complete with a revamped starting experience awaits. What will you claim?”

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    As noted above, this is not just a new server for players to transfer characters to in order to escape the established societies New World’s existing locales or to avoid login queues after Brimstone Sands is released (although they may yet achieve such an objective). New World’s Fresh Start worlds will allow new characters to begin from scratch.

    Players who have completed everything in New World will be able to approach the game from the perspective of a completely new player. These players will also be able to experience New World’s revamped onboarding process.

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    New World’s Fresh Start worlds will be available on November 2. If you are unable to wait for the Fresh Start servers, you may currently play the new quests, refreshed points of interest, and revised storyline on the public test realm.

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    To prepare for Brimstone Sands, New World is offering 1.5-times XP until October 17 at 11:59 PM PT so that you can start playing the new content on day one. In addition, this applies to any XP that has been rested. The release date of Brimstone Sands is October 18.

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