Friday, December 9, 2022

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    New Sonic Frontiers Demo Receives Widespread Praise | Sonic Frontiers Release Date

    Sonic Frontiers Demo : This week, Sonic Frontiers has been available for play at EGX in London. In addition to Gamescom, this was one of the largest public demos of the game prior to its release in November. Furthermore, it was instrumental in Sonic Team’s efforts to turn public opinion around after a less-than-stellar media campaign over the summer left many calling for the game’s delay. Now it appears that all of our efforts have paid off.
    The Sonic Frontiers gameplay demo was a hit at EGX over the weekend, with many expressing their delight at what they saw. Both experienced Sonic players and newcomers to the series are feeling positive about Frontiers, and are willing to give it another chance. Whether this translates into sales remains to be seen, but for now, Sega can count EGX as a success.
    Overall, it appears that Sonic Frontiers is actually a lot of fun to play, despite its plain appearance.

    As for the combat, Sonic’s new Cyloop ability has been praised for adding a variety to the usual bouts of spamming the homing attack.

    There is one point of contention, however, and that is the cyberspace levels. There are two-dimensional levels filled with throwbacks to Sonic’s previous adventures. Although fans find them less nostalgic, and more repetitive, especially since we get a version of Green Hill Zone in pretty much every Sonic game.

    However, some believe they are saved by the increased sense of momentum that has been lacking in recent games. It appears that running up a slope will slow you down, a major change for the series and probably one of the biggest requests from fans.
    Over the past week, several writers from TheGamer have attended EGX, and our own George Foster also enjoyed Sonic Frontiers. When Sega came to Gamescom in Germany, I was able to try out the game myself, and found the open zone to be the most enjoyable aspect. It is hoped that Sonic will succeed this time, and give us our first major series hit in many years.

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