What You Need To Know When Travelling With Your Drone 2021

What You Need To Know When Travelling With Your Drone

When you are bored of creating aerial videos of the places near you, the next logical step would be to visit foreign locales and continue shooting some exquisite locations. And in case you are interested in such a venture, then the following tips will help you know the best practices to follow when traveling with your drone.


The drone must be compact enough that it can be quickly packaged without taking too much space in the luggage just like your suitcase. Few drone models will have detachable parts that you can separate. This helps in packing the drone in right spaces. Similarly, a few other models come in a foldable variation where you can fold the drone and make it more compact. Such type of models should also be fine. And in some cases the remote tends to be bigger than the drone. So, make sure that the remote also is portable enough that it can be taken with you easily to any place on earth.


There are restrictions to batteries being carried aboard aircrafts. As per the Federal Aviation Administration rules, a person can carry only two batteries if their capacity is between 101 Wh and 160 Wh. However, if your Lithium-Polymer batteries are below 100 Wh, then you don’t have to follow these restrictions. In fact, you can carry as many batteries as you like.  So, check the battery specifications and make sure that you follow the airline rules regarding batteries. In addition, it is recommended that you only keep the batteries charged at 20% to 30% of the capacity when bringing it aboard the aircraft. Most importantly, avoid batteries that look puffed up.  You should also cover the battery terminals with a tape so that it is not vulnerable to a potential shorting. Storing the batteries in separate pouches rather than keep it all together in a single pouch is also a good habit.

Showing Off Your Drone

Airports are very sensitive to anything that looks out of place. And some people, especially amateurs, have a tendency to show off their drones in public view. Never do this. If the security personnel at the airport see a guy who is waving his drone in an animated way, then they will be incredibly suspicious. And you will likely be called in for an interrogation and will be asked many tough questions regarding the nature of your travel. Worst of all, they might not even believe you. So, keep the drone inside the bags itself and don’t go about showing it off to everyone in the airport. Plus, every airline will have its own unique rules and regulations regarding carrying a drone abroad the aircraft. Make sure that you check their website for more details.

Plan Your Videos

When you are traveling abroad, plan out how you want to take the aerial video. For example, if you are a resident of Switzerland and are traveling to Namibia to capture its deserts, then you need to research well as to the best ways to aerially shoot a desert. Since you haven’t seen a desert in real life, visiting it for the first time and expecting to take a stunning video is foolish. So, check out various online drone enthusiast websites like the AirVuz drone video sharing community which showcases hundreds of drone videos of deserts. This should give you a good idea as to how to prepare shooting the Namibian desert even though you’ve never seen one in real life.

Local Laws

Every country will have its own set of rules when it comes to flying a drone, America or anywhere else. While the US is far more liberal when it comes to tolerating drones flying about people’s heads, this is certainly not true with conservative locations in the Middle East, India, Asia, and so on.  So, take into consideration the local laws, rules, and traditions before you decide to fly a drone in that region. As long as you do not come across as brash and go about flying the drone everywhere, invading the privacy of the people, you should not face too much trouble.


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Always take some spare parts for the drone when you travel with it. For example, you can carry a few propellers with you. As such, if the blades were to malfunction in the middle of a shoot, you can quickly replace them with a new set of blades. Otherwise, you will end up wasting precious time looking for a spare component for your drone. And if the country does not have a single shop retailing the spare parts of your drone, then your entire filming schedule will get broken.

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