Nail Any Job Interview In 2020 : Dos and Don’ts to Remember

A job interview is a thrilling culmination of a long job-seeking process. Writing a resume and cover letter, looking for open vacancies and the other important job-hunting work can become a waste of time in case the interview is failed. It puts an enormous amount of stress on a job seeker.

To make this responsible event easier it is recommended to prepare for it in advance. There is no guarantee that a company will hire you and everything will be perfect, but your chances for it will certainly be increased. In this article, you may find a few tips on what to do to make an interview successful.

Unique Resume

A well-built resume is a ticket to a job interview. This is especially true when you are applying to startup companies. Most employers are very careful in hiring new people and choose only those who they think can help them grow their company.However, it may still make this meeting a bit awkward. The hiring managers often have your resume in front of them during an interview and may ask questions.

Consider consulting top rated resume writing services to make your resume perfect for a specific vacancy. Using the same application for different jobs will ruin the first impression. The hiring managers notice immediately that the resume is not unique and might not take you seriously.

Another important thing is to write the truth. If you lied a bit in your resume and add a few years of experience or some extra skills, it will come out during the interview.

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Confidence Is Essential

If the employer sees in front of him confused and nervous candidate that mumble something unclear, he will never think this person is able to handle the job.

Confidence is a key for a good result. It would be great to show that you are not scared of taking responsibilities and facing the new tasks. Make sure your voice is loud enough, the speech is clear, body movements are under control and the posture is fixed. If two candidates are equal, the employers will prefer the confident one.

On the other hand, it is important not to cross the line. There is a noticeable difference between confidence and being egocentric and self-absorbed. Try to find the balance and listen to your interlocutor carefully.

Strengths and Weaknesses Question

The interviews are all different and quite unpredictable, but there are some basic interview questions you can think through in advance. The question about your strong and weak sides is one of them and you had better be ready to have a good answer to it.

Be objective and realistic estimating your own skills. Try to avoid stereotyped phrases and clichés. The hiring manager wants to see the real person, not a perfect image. It is usually appreciated when the candidate is honest and admits he is not perfect. The most important thing is to mention that you work on improving your weaknesses daily.

Accept the Challenge

A lot of job seekers try to find the way to stand out from the others and be peculiar. The solution is very easy. It would be helpful to show that you are ready to do the job the others try to avoid. On every position, there are unpleasant or hard tasks, so-called “dirty job”, that make a candidate hesitate and show doubts. The unwillingness to do them is understandable.

However, if you react in an opposite way showing that this will not stop you, it may really impress the employer. In this case, do not forget to be honest with yourself and decide whether you are able to face the unpleasant part of the job.

Dress for Success

Except for preparing for conversation, it is also necessary to think about appropriate clothes. It is highly important to look great because it influences a lot the first impression. It does not mean you need something fancy and expensive, but it has to be tidy and neat. Choose the clothes according to the profession. Imagine how a worker at this position should look and dress as if you already work there. It will also help you to be more confident and will show the interviewer that you belong there.

Try to avoid strong perfumes and colognes, a lot of make-up and bright accessories that may distract the interlocutor.

Lower the Importance

Anxiety and tension are the most common and silly reasons for a failed interview. It is absolutely normal to be a bit nervous as long as it does not grow into panic. To become more calm lower the importance of an interview. The more you need this job, the more worried you will get. It does not mean that you should be careless.

Just remind yourself that there are always other offers and the negative result of the interview is not the end of the world. Think about backup variants. However, if you follow all the advice above it is unlikely that you will actually need them.

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