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    MW2 Game Will Have The Same Controversial Phone Number Requirements As Overwatch 2 | MW2 Game Phone Number Requirements

    MW2 Game Phone Number Requirements : Overwatch 2 continues to draw criticism for its implementation of SMS Protect. Every player who wished to participate in the game had to provide their phone number to Blizzard at the time of launch. There was no acceptance of prepaid phone numbers, which essentially punished anyone who could not afford a phone contract. Just as the controversy began to calm down, it is likely to reemerge.

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    The SMS Protect requirements will remain the same in Modern Warfare 2, with all players seemingly required to provide a non-prepaid phone number. As with Overwatch 2, this may result in numerous fans being unable to play the game.

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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, newly created Overwatch 2 accounts, and newly created Call of Duty: Modern Warfare accounts require a phone number,” reads the webpage on the subject. “Mobile phones with prepaid plans may not work with the phone notification service.”

    According to the wording of this statement, it appears that all Modern Warfare players will be required to provide a phone number. Overwatch 2 no longer requires it for new players.

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    Due to the backlash over Overwatch 2’s implementation of the system, Blizzard was very quiet in announcing that it will also be a requirement for Modern Warfare 2. Only just a few days ago, VGC spotted the news, noticing that the page explaining SMS Protect had been updated to mention the upcoming Call of Duty game.

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    As Overwatch 2 now only requires new players to provide a phone number, the wording may be incorrect. Even if this is the case, it does not necessarily make the process easier. It was impossible for me to log into Overwatch without a number, leaving me stuck on the title screen despite being a returning player. I am not sure whether this is because my number was previously part of a prepaid plan, or because it is associated with a SIM-only plan.

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    It may be a good idea to have a buddy on standby, in case you need to contact them.

    In any case, Modern Warfare 2 will be released on October 28. Nevertheless, Activision Blizzard still has some time to explain how this will work in more detail.



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