Thursday, December 8, 2022

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    MultiVersus Halloween Leak Reveals Dracula Tom & Jerry, Black Lantern Superman And Frankenstein Iron Giant

    MultiVersus Halloween Leak : As MultiVersus prepares for its first festive season, leakers have already uncovered a wide selection of skins, including Calico Cake and Witch Velma, which are priced upwards of 12,000 Candy and 2,000 Gleamium.

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    A complete list of cosmetics is included, including Mummy Reindog, Calico Cake, Dracula Tom & Jerry, Frankenstein Iron Giant, witch Velma, Black Lantern Superman, and Black Lantern Wonder Woman. There is a cost of 6,000 Candy, 12,000 Candy, 800 Gleamium, 1,500 Gleamium, 1,500 Gleamium, 2,000 Gleamium, and – again – 2,000 Gleamium for each.

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    Cake is a gender-swapped version of Jake from the Ice King’s fan fiction. Her advantage over Jake lies in her ability to see in the dark and detect danger through her frizzled tail. The Black Lanterns, on the other hand, are a group of zombies devoted to eradicating all life on Earth. They have the same motto as the other corps: “The Blackest Night falls from the skies. The darkness grows as the light dies. The dead shall rise by my Black Hand.”

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    Other characters are based on classic monsters and spooky Halloween costumes, such as Velma and Reindog dressed as witches and mummies, and Tom & Jerry and Iron Giant portray classic horror characters. Even Jerry becomes a vampire bat.

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    Halloween begins on October 15 and runs for the entire month of October. You can earn candy from games during this time, and if you use Halloween skins, Stripe, or Gizmo, you can earn even more candy. The new currency will be used to purchase a few of the new skins.

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    This marks the second Gremlins character to enter MultiVersus, though he is not as friendly as Gizmo. As the antagonist of the first movie, Stripe’s moveset reflects his outright villainy, as he wields a chainsaw. In addition, we know that he is an Assassin who uses both a projectile weapon as well as his own claws.

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