Saturday, December 10, 2022

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    Mortal Kombat 12 Game Launch: MK 12 will not be revealed until after the 30th anniversary of the franchise

    Mortal Kombat 12 Game Launch : It will be 30 years later this week that Mortal Kombat launches for the first time. This has got some fans excited about what might be in store for MK in the future. Its creator, however, has put an end to any hopes of Mortal Kombat 12 being announced this week.

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    “We know a lot of you are excited about the next NRS game announcement & it will happen in due time,” Ed Boon tweeted. “But first it all about 30 years of Mortal Kombat. That’s what we’re going to celebrate and focus on. Our next game announcement will be separate from MK30 .”


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    There will be no information about what’s next for Mortal Kombat on October 8, but that does not mean there won’t be anything for MK fans. There appears to be something planned to commemorate the occasion, but Boon wants everyone to temper their expectations before the big day. As a result of the absence of Mortal Kombat 12 news, NetherRealm Studio’s next game may not be an MK title at all.

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    As a result of Boon’s tweet, some people have taken that interpretation. It has been reported that NetherRealm’s next project will not be a Mortal Kombat game. Not only will there be no news about it during this week’s anniversary celebrations, but also due to the specific wording of Boon’s tweet. In addition to MK30, the studio will announce what it is working on next, making sure not to refer to it as a Mortal Kombat title.

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    Mixed reports have been published regarding what NetherRealm is currently working on.There has been speculation that it could be Injustice 3, but the consensus seems to be that it will be a new Mortal Kombat game.. Boon actually asked fans what they would like to see next from NetherRealm, indicating that a Marvel vs. DC game might be in the works.

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