How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos 2022

Hey guys ,Today I am sharing a nice guide which help you to make at least $500 a month. You must have wonder that How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos right ? So today I am going to let you think yourself 😉 You just have to implement the strategies and Boom .

I promise to hide nothing, and going to show you everything and I am sure you would start earning $500 if you follow this post. I am going to show you everything step by step, so you can understand everything very clearly.

You will discover how to do it and how you can too copy my system and get your video up and rank it within a few week and start earning.

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What You Are Going To learn ?

How to Earn Money on YouTube ?

How to Earn Money on YouTube Videos ?

How much money can I make from a YouTube video with Adsense And CPA ?

How Many Views Does It Take To Make Money On YouTube Videos ?

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How Much Money Can You Make From YouTube Videos?

How To Start Make Money From Youtube Videos?

How To make money from YouTube without adsense ?

How can you get people to watch your YouTube videos?

How To Rank Video On YouTube No. 1?

How To Rank YouTube Video In Over Night?

How Much Money Can You Make From YouTube Videos

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos

So shall we begin the topic ok So lets start the journey 🙂

Understanding Make Money From Youtube Videos

What I am doing is – I choose CPA offers to promote, build videos and get traffic on these offers and they get convert and money rolls in my bank account.

Let me explain in more details:

Firstly I find a niche in which I need to work, basically a profitable niche, then I search for profitable keywords, next I start building videos that converts CPA offers at 40-50%.

Then I find CPA offers to promote and I work on ranking my videos and bringing traffic.

This is broad overview of my process!

I have twisted this method from my experience like – how to rank video, how to create videos that convert, how to rank in Google, how to bring traffic, what to promote. And most importantly how to bring 30,000 views to your YouTube videos.

I’ll be teaching everything in this post.

Like how my small videos are getting 10k views on autopilot and making me $200-500 per video.

Think like this – if you have a single video you earn $300, what if you have 10videos like that?

That’s easy $3000 month, right? sounds easy?

Yeah it is! BUT

you need just one thing, that’s – real knowledge; which I am going to provide in this post and just after you complete this post, start working right away, don’t wait any single minute, money is in actions, not in laziness.

Let’s suppose I am at your place. Have nothing in hand, starting from scratch. So how will I start? What will I do? And How!

I am going to explain everything now.. So while reading this post you can suppose I am like you – a complete starter. Ok?

So, let’s Start our training now…

How To Start Make Money From Youtube Videos

Firstly we need to search niches / topic that are profitable and where we are going to work. So for this, what I generally do is visit ezine articles and there you will find a list of broad niches which are popular.

Have a look yourself:

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos

So I simple visit this page and as it contains broad niches I simple select a niche. I generally go with – Business, Internet marketing, Health and fitness, Finance, Investing, Real Estate niches, as finding CPA offers related to these niches are easy and they pay well too.

Wait these are just broad niches, we still need to dig a bit more right now. So now what I do is, click on broad niches which looks good, say like health and fitness. A pop up will open with a list of sub-niches inside that broad niche.

Here are sub-niches under health and fitness niche:

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos - Health Sub Niches


Now you can see a lot of sub-niches in health and fitness. You can select any of these sub-niches to work on, and in these niches there are thousands to be made easily.

For this post to continue, let’s take “Acne” as our niche.

Firstly Let me explain why I choose Acne here…

1. We all know acne is problem faced by a lot of people all over the world; it’s not limited to any specific country.

2. In USA, it’s a burning problem too.

3. People who have acne are HUNGRY for solution.

What does these three points indicates here?

1. Market has problem related to acne.

2. People are HUNGRY for solution.

That’s it!

That’s what you want. If you are looking to make thousands or even millions you should first look if your niche has audience and hunger or not. If it has, you can earn their pretty easily.

Now we have selected our niche, next we need a product to promote as solution to this niche.

You can find acne related CPA offers on almost any CPA Network like maxbouty. I mostly select email submit or zip submit offers only

They pay in range of $0.5-3 per lead and the best part is these offers just pay you to send traffic and when they enter their email address/zip code you get paid.

Your traffic doesn’t need to buy anything. So that’s why conversions with email and zip offers are at top.

So that’s my advice for you too, always choose email or zip offers to promote with your YouTube videos.

Then the next thing is,

What to do for Internet Marketing niche?

Yeah! In internet marketing niche – I like to work with CPA network called – Cashnetwork, it’s a secret CPA network, very few people know about it, and best thing is they pay really well.

You can also promote Clickbank.Com and Jvzoo.Com products, but I highly recommend email/zip CPA offers, as they have no refunds.

Let’s move to another section…

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Keyword Research – Make Money From YouTube Videos

Keywords are basically terms which people search in search engines like YouTube, Google etc.

For example – Let’s suppose a person searched “acne treatment” in Google, then this two words – “acne treatment” is keyword.

Google finds related sites and videos and display them, same with YouTube it displays related videos according to terms/keywords searched.

So, what’s its use?

Let’s suppose we know what 10k people are searching on Youtube and if we rank a video there, then what will happen?

Youtube will start displaying our video in front of those 10k people and resulting in traffic to our video, hence more profits!

So more the searches a keyword has more profitable it makes.

But, how to find a keyword for YouTube:

What I do is very simple, I firstly find a sub niche which I explained above, then I use it as seed keyword and I type it in Google :

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos - Google3


Google gives suggestions which are displayed at bottom of page, like here:

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos - Google realted kw-4

These suggested terms are keywords which people of same problem are searching in Google, so it’s a great way to find keywords.

Build a list of 5 keywords from this list and check out their search volume in Google keyword planner. Here is the link of Google Keyword Planner:

In Google keyword planner when you place any keyword it will give you exact search volume per month.

Here is the step by step guide on using Keyword Planner to search for your keywords:

1. Firstly you need make an account here :

2. Then you will see this page:

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos - GKP-5


Click on “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”

A box will open like this:

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos - GKP-6

Now enter your keywords you found in previous step (from google suggestions), Like this :

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos - Keyword suggestion -7

Now check “Targeting”

Always have UK, USA in country, as we want to know search volume from these countries mainly.

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos - USA targeting -7


After you check Targeting, click on “Get ideas”. Now Click on “Keyword ideas”

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos - Keyword Ideas -8


So, finally you can check search volume of your keywords here:

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos - Keyword Ideas -9


Here are some thumb rules which I follow:

1. Always choose keywords which have at least 1000 of searches.

2. Don’t go with keywords having 100 search volume.

3. The more searches a keyword is the more money you can make.

4. But! That doesn’t mean go with keyword having million searches as it would have really tough competition and ranking for those keywords would be no easy.

So, what should be the range of searches our keyword should have, so that we can rank easily and can make money too.

My answer is…

1500-4500. I think this is the best range while searching your keywords, it is enough to make you $200-700 from a single video and it’s easy to rank for.

Second thing you should check after seeing search volume is:

From which country your keyword is getting searched most of the time. Try to choose keywords which are searched mostly in Tier1 countries i.e., USA, UK, Australia, Canada.. Why?

Because many CPA networks accept traffic mostly from tier 1 countries. So we should focus on keywords which are searched mostly in these countries.

Here are some tips while searching keywords:

Always search for keywords which indicates it has some problem. Like “best way to get rid of acne”

If you look at this keyword you would see it clearly says the person who is searching it is having problem with acne and need solution and ways to cure it.

Here you offer some good CPA offers, they will grab it easily.

So, if you follow this tip, your conversion will increase instantly. You know a lot of people don’t understand the importance of keywords and fail and I don’t want you to fail that’s why I revealed everything to you.

Now Moving to next segment..

Video Content – What’s Inside Our Video

I get a lot of people asking me how I create my videos which converts really well, what should be length of a proper video and blah blah..

So Today I am revealing everything..

Firstly, you should know – what should be the content of video.

While I create my video, I always have my script ready first.. If you have a proper script for your video your conversions will increase, and if you fail in your script, your income will suffer a lot.

So always have a script before creating your video, and it will take no more than 15 minutes to do it.

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Here is my script format, which I use:

I start with a question like – Do you want to get rid of your acne? If yes, you should watch this video completely. So with this line I grab their attention, and ask them to watch it completely.

If you will start with introducing yourself, you will fail to get their attention as they are not interested in knowing about you. When they have a problem – they want a solution; not your introduction.

So never start with introducing yourself.

Now, Second Part is

I start to explain them either “how acne happens” or “how I was struggling with acne”

I know a lot of people will tell you make a story saying – oh, I was so irritated with acne, and then I got this product and I am in relief now..

That’s bullshit story, nobody will believe you, people are no fool nowadays and I ask you not to fool anyone, we are doing real business that will make you $5k-10k+ per month, so be honest and try to provide some real value and money will roll in, trust me.

How to Do It

It’s easy; do you know anyone in your friend circle who has suffered from acne? You can easily find someone.

So relate to him while making video and share what he feels about his problem and you can also teach in few lines how acne happens.

Just 2-4 lines are enough, and at last tell them to – Click on the link below this video to watch find best solution for their problem.

Never force people to click your link, just tell them gently, and trust me it works better than repeatedly saying click, click the link, click it.. haha.. Just do what I am saying and you will see magic happening.

Video Creation – How I create my videos

I have a small 10lines script, I either make my own video or if you are shy to come on camera, you can easily hire a video actor on sites like for $5.

Handle them that script or points that they need to say in video and they will do it at a dirt cheap rate of $5 only.

Another way is – just create a simple PowerPoint presentation and add background music and you got your video ready

Ranking Your Video

Now we have video ready, and before I directly upload it to youtube I usually optimize it so that it rank easily.

Here are my steps:

1. Rename your video file as “Your_keyword.mp4” Like this :

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos - keyword video name -9


2. Ensure your video is having length of minimum 2-3 minutes.

If your video length below 1 minute, then just edit it in Camtasia or “cam studio” to increase its length to at least 2 minutes.

What I have found is – videos with more length rank higher easily.

I don’t know why it happens but I have seen it myself, if you try to rank 2-4sec video it will be very tough in compare to 2 minutes video.

Now you can upload your video to YouTube, and while uploading it.

Do some changes that will help you in SEO and hence in ranking quickly.

1. Always have keyword in heading/title of your video.

LIKE this :

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos - video title - 10


2. Always have 500 words+ description with keyword inside it. Don’t include too many keywords inside description. Just 3-5 times is good enough.

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos - youtube video description - 11


In this picture you can see, I have started description with my “Link”, that’s important as our main aim doing this is to drive traffic to our offers which we are promoting.

So, replace http://www. with your CPA offer/affiliate link.

Then I have my description with keywords in it for which we are trying to rank our video.

3. Always add your keywords as tags.

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos - youtube video tags - 11


Just after you upload your video, here is what you should do.

Ping it – just go to site like, massping, and ping your video, it will give your video quick boost in indexation and ranking.

Now to rank your video in Youtube, the most important thing you need is – high retention views.

For getting some real views you can do is – share your video on your social media profiles, with your friends, like on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc.

Tell them to visit and like your video.

High Retention Views

High retention views means how long your video has been viewed by your audience, like if 3 people came to your video and they watched your video completely without closing it in between, then your retention will be 100%.

So you need 70-80% retention views to your videos, to rank easily.

Where to get high retention views?

You can share your videos with your friends and get them watched for free. Or you can buy views!


There is a way to get views for few dollars that could help you in ranking.

Where to buy?

Sites like

Just visit Fiverr and search for “YouTube views” And you’ll get a lot of people selling views.

Here is a small tip – don’t buy views in bulk ever, always buy views in small package of 1000 to 3000, never buy more than that.

Get some like to your videos too, the more likes you have, the more ranking you will gain.

I usually try to get at least 10-30 likes per video.

If you can get some comment on your video, it will increase your conversions a lot. That’s it!

How to Rank Video in YouTube

You can rank your video in YouTube easily, just follow these steps: Always get high retention views, some likes as well as social bookmarking links.

Here is what You should do:

Always Get High Retention Views : Get minimum 4000 to 8000 views, no need to buy more than the given amount! then, Purchase likes for your video : About 100 likes!

Get comments on your video : like 10 comments!

Build/purchase social bookmarking Links for your video – About 500.

Now, Where to buy such views, likes and comments and bookmarking links?

If you want to purchase views, likes, comments and social links you can get services of different persons from, SEOClerks and

Things you need to care about:

If you are planning to purchase views and likes with social bookmarking links, never order them separately. Why?

Let me explain why – it’s because if you want to rank your video then you need to order them all at same time duration, so that everything looks good.

And when you are ordering always make sure to check out the seller’s reputation in the market plus customers reviews and testimonials so that you can know if he is good or not.

Ask him to deliver in 3 days of time, everything at same duration.

Now you can rank any video in YouTube easily. If your keyword has more competition just repeat the above steps for your video until you see you video ranked.

On Page SEO For YouTube Videos

On Page SEO plays great role in ranking your video, both in youtube and google.

You can’t rank your video neither in google nor in youtube without doing on page seo correctly. So please pay attention to this topic.

On page SEO means what optimization you are doing on your video page that is going to help in ranking it.

It’s necessary to have keyword in your title as the first thing which search engines like youtube and google see is – title.

So, always have keyword in your title. You can add two-three keywords in your title.


Let’s see,

Suppose your keyword is – how to lose weight.

You found one more keyword how to lose weight fast

One more keyword – lose weight overnight.

Then what I will have as my video title is – “How to lose weight fast & Overnight” You can see I am having all three keywords in just one title

YouTube Video Title should be Catchy:

Get a catchy and strong title to your video. It attracts traffics to your video from search engines like YouTube, google, yahoo etc.

YouTube Video Description should be LONG:

Description of your video should be no less than 300words if you want help in ranking. Longer the length, higher you will rank.

I use 1000 words in my description and it works really well.

The best thing I can tell you is – always put keywords in your description, never forget that as search engines can’t read your video content but can read your description, so it’s very important element.

Ask People to Embed Your Videos in their Blog Posts:

If you ask people to embed your video in their blog. It will instantly increase your video ranking. YouTube really like when someone embed your video.

There are a lot of people who will add your video if it fits in their blog.

Just go and ask them.

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Here are Some More Tips:

Never use your keyword in your video all the time, I mean don’t use your keyword repeatedly! As it may harm your ranking.

Maintain keyword density less than 2%, always remember that, it will help you in long term.

OFF PAGE SEO For YouTube Video

Off page SEO is basically backlinks and optimization you do off to your video.

It is directly linked with ranking your video mainly in google.

There are two types of off-page seo we are going to follow.

One for Youtube and another for Google. So, What’s that?

YouTube need – high retention views, likes, comments, favourites to rank a video.

While Ranking in Google depends on Backlinks. So here are list of backlinks you should make:

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Power of Article Directories:

There are various article submission sites like ezinearticles, hubpages. You can simply write an article and submit that article to these sites and in author field you will get two backlinks.

They are high PR and do follow backlinks.

So if you get 5-10 backlinks from these sources you will easily see your video ranking higher than your competitors. You can also get these links for money, just buy them from, there are many article directory submission services there.

Using Social Media:

You can share your video on facebook, twitter, linkedin and all the social media sites and when you share you get a backlink, this will help you in ranking your video.

Backlinks from Social Bookmarking:

Youtube and Google both like social bookmarking backlinks.

You can build social bookmarking links by going to sites like – stumbleupon. There is a piece of software which can automate your social bookmarking link building easily, it’s called – social bookmarking demon

Forum Postings:

There are many forums online in each niche, just go and make accounts on them and start sharing some knowledge and in “signature” you will get one backlink per post.

So if you post 10 posts daily, you get 10 backlinks easily.

These are really high quality backlinks.

Using Blogging:

Blogging is a powerful method for off page SEO. You can embed your video in your blog and it will shoot your ranking up in no time.

Using Photo Sharing:

There are some photo sharing sites when you share a photo, you get one backlinks. Just go and start sharing photos and pictures and get backlinks.

Power of Yahoo Answers:

If you have been online from few month then you must have heard about yahoo answer, do you know the traffic on yahoo answer is hungry for solution.

What you can do is – just find questions related to your niche and suggest your video to watch as a solution, you will start seeing a lot of fresh, real and hungry traffic coming to your way.

Backing you obtain doing is really high quality.

I recommend you do this – 10 comments per day, and you will see 100 views per day in a week.

Doing Press Release:

Do you know there is a services online called press release, which can get you a lot of views and backlinks from high pr sites and once you get these backlinks, you will get traffic with ranking.

So, these are the Off-page seo you should know. And if you practice these things, I am sure you will start seeing ranking for sure.

How to Rank Your YouTube Video In Google:

Ranking in google depends on backlinks! The more baclinks you have the better ranking you’ll get.

Build high PR links (generally PR1-3), You need 50 links like this. You need social bookmarking links : you need 500 links.

Best type of backlinks are link wheels, they are safe and works really fast. So get some link pyramids/wheel backlinks – You can order a link wheel gig from “Fiverr” or

I like one kind of backlinks a lot, it’s called blog commenting. They are so powerful, get 5000 pack from fiverr and you will see result within 24-48 hours depending on your keyword competition.

I usually see results in 48 hours.

Where to Buy BackLinks:

These are a lot of service websites online these days from where you can purchase different types of backlinks like:



3. SEOClerks.Com

4. Warriorforum.Com

5. Facebook groups

My favourite is – fiverr!

Ninja Method #1 : Rank Your YouTube Video Faster:

I am going to disclose one of my secret method by which I am able to rank my video faster. I call it “building chain”!

What is this?

What I actually do is – I upload the “money video” (video which is going to make us money and rank) and then I create a simple video with help of pictures and background music. You can simply build it in 1-2 minutes easily using tools like Camtasia.

Then I make 5-7 variations of this video by simply cutting the last few seconds of each video.

Let’s say I made a video of 2 minutes, then I cut a video upto 1 minute 50 seconds, second one 1 minute 30 seconds and so on..

This way YouTube thinks they are different videos, and then I upload all these 5-7 variations to YouTube with keywords related to our main money video. And In description of these videos I put link to my main video.

This way my main video gets backlink from other videos of same niche.

YouTube thinks – your money video must be very nice and informative that’s why you are getting so many backlinks from other YouTube videos, and rank your main video for your keyword higher!

I exactly do this, and it helps to increase ranking quickly.

Ninja Method #2: Super Rocket YouTube Video Ranking:

Now I am going to disclose you my last secret of ranking your video super fast!

This is the best method out there and it ranks your video in like 24 hours and sticks there for months easily.

So what is it?

Power of Blog Network Links!

Blog networks links means a group of blogs from where you can get backlink pointing to your videos.

You can simply create 10 websites and link back to your YouTube video and it will rank your video in under 24 hours.

But creating 10 sites is expensive and time taker. I still have a way if you want to speed up things. You can buy blog network backlinks from sites like

Here is my advice – before buying any link, ask them for testimonials. And ask is links permanent or not, a few guys charges on basis of monthly rental, stay away from them as that would cost you more.

Go with one-time payment only. That would cost you somewhere like $10-20.

I usually see increase in ranking within 24-48hours, totally worth it if you are looking to rank fast.

Best CPA affiliate Network to Promote

There are a lot of CPA networks which you can promote with your video, but I like these CPA network most:




I regularly use cashnetwork as they are really fantastic, they pay weekly and convert really well for me.

You can find offers to promote in almost all niche. If you still find trouble in searching offers, you can just visit these two sites:

When you enter your keyword in these sites, they will show you CPA offers from multiple networks all in one place. So you can easily compare and go with – most converting and high paying offer.

What Kind of CPA Offers To Promote

There are multiple types of CPA offers, but I like Email and Zip Submit offers.


Think like this – in other CPA offers people need to purchase to get access and only if they pay we get commissions, but in email/zip offers what happens is – you get paid just if person enters their email address, or zip code. Once they enter => You get paid instantly!

So, no need to sell anything, just send traffic and it will convert automatically.

And best part is they usually converts like 50-60%.

They usually pay $0.4-$3 per email/zip submits. So, if we drive 100 clicks from our YouTube videos, we can get 50-60 submits/conversions. That would result us $36 (suppose offer pays $0.6 per lead).

So for 100 clicks you will earn $36! That’s easy money even without selling anything.

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Trick of Outsourcing to Scale

Now In this last section I am going to reveal you how to scale up your business and take your income level from $3000 to $5k or even $10k per month.

The Power of Outsourcing!

Think like you worked for a whole week and you made a video and get it ranked, and one video is making you $200-300 per month.

What if you can put 3-5videos per week and get all of them ranked in that week only?

Is it possible by your own work?


Then what you should do is – outsource works which is taking most of your time. Like video creation, backlink creation, uploading to youtube, writing description, getting views, sharing on social media sites.. You can outsource whatever you want, and save your time.

You can easily hire someone who can make a video for $5 only, and backlinks in $5-7.. and so on.

If you start outsourcing works then you could make 5 videos and get them ranked that would help you to go from $1-3k to $5-10k per month.

This is exactly what top YouTube marketers are doing and making $10-20k per month without working much.

How to Get 30,000+ views – GUARANTEED! To Your YouTube Video on AutoPilot

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos - 30000 youtube views - 11

I know many people fails because they don’t know how to drive traffic, so in this section I will teach you how I am able to drive 30,000 views to my YouTube videos easily on autopilot.

Think if you get 30,000 views to your video then how much traffic will flow to your affiliate link, and how many conversions you see, and how much money you’ll make.

Here is my rough estimation, If you drive 30,000 views on your video, you will get 7,500 clicks on your link, and you’ll see 2000conversions on your email/zip submit offers, that’s around $800-1200 in profits.

Now, what if you have 5 videos like these?! You would make anywhere between $4000-6000 per month.

So, let’s see how to achieve this:

Use Catchy and Attention Seeker: Video Title.

Always have keyword in your video title but write it in such a way that it attracts eye balls easily.

Think like this – To which title you would click:

How to lose weight


How To Lose Weight – 20 lbs in 2 Weeks!

First title or Second one?

Of cos, you would click on second one, that’s “How To Lose Weight – 20 lbs in 2 Weeks! Right?

Because it’s catchy and attractive headline.

So, always have this kind of title, it will improve number of people clicking to your video even when you are ranking low in Google.

Hence more views!

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Make a Video in Response to Famous Video

Find a famous video in your niche and make a video response of that one, and link your main video in description. This will drive tons of traffic to your video easily.

Add your keyword as tags in your video:

I already told you to add keywords as tag while uploading, but what to do If your keyword is more than one word.

You can add your keyword as tag in YouTube by simply putting quotes around your keywords like this – “top acne treatment”, “best way to remove acne”.

Using Keyword Stuffing with LSI:

After you have searched keyword for your video, find some more keywords – long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are actually terms which are related to your main keyword.

Like suppose “best acne treatment” is our main keyword:

Then our long tail keyword would be like :

“top ways to treat acne”,

“best ways to get rid of acne fast”,

“best ways to treat acne overnight” and so on.

You can find long tail keywords using “keyword planner”. Try finding keywords with 400-1500 searches and are having 4-7 words and less competitive.

That’s all!

Now, make a list of 4-8 Long tail keywords and add them at the end of description in your video. Like this:

How Much Money Can You Make From Youtube Videos -youtube keywords LSI

Bookmark Your Video to these sites

Bookmarking your video to social bookmarking sites helps a lot in bringing traffic and also helps in ranking, so here is the list of my famous social bookmarking sites.

Go and bookmark your video to these sites:

Conclusion – How Much Can You Make Money From YouTube

I hope you have read everything in this post and gone through my each and every method which I revealed in this post.

You are fully ready to earn at least $1k per month now using CPA, you just need to start working on the system you learnt.

I really want you to succeed that’s why I haven’t hide anything from you and revealed everything bit of knowledge I had.

Hope you liked the post and found its information helpful. Now, it’s your time to TAKE ACTION, and make things happen!

P.S – If you want to start your Ecommerce Strore then read this guide >> Freecom Blueprint Review ..

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