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Minecraft Vehicles Addon Version 2.1.0

Minecraft Vehicles Addon : This add-on adds 70 vehicles to Minecraft and this is my biggest add-on I’ve ever built for you and to everyone who loves vehicles add-ons. This could be used in City maps and role-playing maps.

Using this add-on, you can create up to 70 vehicles in Minecraft. This add-on is my biggest one that I have made to please all of you who love vehicles add-ons.


  • Toyota AE86
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Ford Mustang
  • Bus
  • Minibus
  • Philippine Jeepeys
  • Van
  • Taxi
    and Many More

    I worked hard for it, and I know it’s confusing, but it’s necessary, but there’s the tip

        Pack 1: It has 50 Vehicles but the key was removed there and moved to Pack 3

        Pack 2: Adds New Vehicles

        Pack 3: Adds new Items and the key was there 

        Pack 4: Structures to explore 

    To support my work and to get the full experience on simple vehicles addon, you must download all of the content from pack 1 to pack 4.

    Since it was on set, that was the only way to ensure every vehicle pack had a limit

    Q: How to drive a car again?

    A: Put the key in your vehicle after you get it from the creative inventory

    Q: Where I can see the keys?

    A: The keys can be found in the equipment section 

    Q: How can I spray the car?

    A: All you have to do is sneak to the vehicle and paint it

    Q: How can I ride on the car?

    A: Sneak into the vehicle and get the key, then the door will open

    Currently, not all vehicles have open/close door mechanics due to workspace limitations, for the vehicles that have 16 colors, a key is required to open, but you must sneak first.

    Survival does not have all items, but I’ll have a chance to add them in the future


    1. You can download the add-on here

    2. Get the add-on by following the tips

    3. Because of the item texture error, RP and BP are separated

    4. Make sure you enable the experimental features if you create or add it to a world:

    • Holiday Creator Features (Recommended)
    • Custom Biomes (Recommended)

    5. Enjoy

    Before installing the latest version, I recommend deleting any older versions of the addon

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