Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Minecraft Turbo Commands 2022

Minecraft Turbo Commands: Any command can be saved and executed with a single click with this addon! There is support for multiplayer! All other addons are compatible!

The addon introduces a new item that opens a menu that allows you to execute, add, edit, delete commands.

List of features:

Repeated execution of commands! You can execute your command as many times as you like by pressing one button! You can adjust the delay between executions!

You can customize everything!! Color of buttons, sorting order, displaying the results of the execution in the chat, and more!

Multiplayer is supported! Menu access is restricted to operators only!


Compatibility with any other add-on!

How to use?

Upon entering the world with this addon, you will not be able to access the menu. Type /function sirob_turbocommands to gain access

Once you have been granted access, you will receive an item called “Turbo Commands”:

Using it (tap the screen or right-click the mouse button) will open the Turbo Commands Menu:

A few commonly used commands have been pre-added!

Are there any useless commands? Or add a new one! You can delete them, replace them, or add your own! Later, we’ll take a look at that

If you click on any command, it will be executed once.

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