Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Minecraft Texture Packs: Pack O’ Allay

Minecraft Texture Packs: What do you think about the need for more variety in allays? Here you go! Using this resource pack, you will be able to build a nice variety of these custom flying cuties! Husker/Husikert created this Java Edition pack, which I ported to Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Nametag Textures

‘Jimmy’, ‘Sculk’, ‘Axolotl’, ‘Maid’, ‘Withered’, ‘Fluffy’, ‘Lavender’, ‘Legends’, ‘Mango’, ‘Scorch’, ‘Ghostly’, ‘Mint’, ‘Suspicious’, ‘Void’, ‘[[​Big Shot]]’, ‘Doom’, ‘Cotton Candy’, ‘Ink’, ‘Neo’, ‘Grapefruit’, ‘Butter’, ‘Twilight’, ‘Crimson’, ‘Warped’, ‘Aubergine’, ‘Sunset’, ‘0zg’, ‘Doge’, ‘Gentle’

Latest Posts

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