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Minecraft latest Mod 2022: Minecraft PE Werewolf Mod

Minecraft PE Werewolf Mod: In order to accommodate players who have lost interest in zombies and creepers, the Werewolf Mod has been created by the authors. A number of variants of these creatures were added to the cubic world, as well as bloodthirsty vampires.

Aside from the fact that the hero can fight against new opponents, he can also become one of their terrible and dangerous monsters. New additions add a wide variety of unusual and incredible creatures to Minecraft PE.


Legends and stories about these creatures have existed for a long time, and films and comics based on their adventures have started to appear recently. Everyone who has seen them would like the opportunity to fight such unusual opponents.

There are several unique features in this update for Werewolf Mod. Minecraft PE will feature new mobs that players can fight.

Vampire Craft

There will be even more opportunities available for players with this updated version of the Werewolf Mod. Hunters and priests will attack half-wolves and vampires in the cubic world, in addition to half-wolves.

These bloodthirsty creatures will also be able to transform into heroes in Minecraft PE. In order to do this, you will need special potions or a ritual table.

World the Werewolfing

With this update for Werewolf Mod, most of the new creatures will be aggressive and dangerous towards the hero. There are, however, some that can be tamed by giving them raw meat.

There are four types of these mobs in Minecraft PE. Their characteristics and appearance will differ:

  • black;
  • white;
  • angry;
  • forest.

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