Minecraft PE Redstone House Map

Minecraft PE Redstone House Map

Do you want a large mansion that uses special technologies exclusively in Minecraft PE? You’ll need the Redstone House Map if you want to build a house in Redstone.

Modern Redstone Mansion

Let’s talk a little bit about the Redstone House Map. The mansion is situated directly on the seashore, so the view from the window is stunning. Furthermore, the building is suitable for both a multiplayer server and role-playing games in Minecraft blocky worlds.

Map Features

The Redstone House Map is perfect for multiple players. Steve will also be on his territory, so enemies will not be able to track him down. Red stone will be used for many details in the mansion.

The Minecraft PE user will find a lot of interesting things in the mansion:


  • Gates that operate automatically;
  • Two-door garage with two sports cars that works on the schemes;
  • There are two swimming pools and a luxury yacht;
  • Openings with sliding doors;
  • A nuclear bunker;
  • A great bedroom with a shower on the second floor;
  • It contains a theater and a security room, from where the estate can be managed;
  • There are many other interesting details you should find out for yourself.