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Minecraft new maps: Technoblade’s Secret Build (Fanmade)

Minecraft new maps: You may have noticed Technoblade was one of the best members of the DreamSMP community if you have been watching Minecraft content about it.  Several projects have been done with other members to create immersive and compelling stories. Throughout his livestreams, he would hint at his secret project. Despite not being able to show us what he had planned for, other members showed us his last most ambitious creation.
Ph1lza revealed Technoblade’s final build on the server and its purpose during his livestream earlier this month on DreamSMP. In place of the original desert location from DreamSMP, this map is a close recreation of the build he showed off on the livestream.
The infrastructure is mostly composed of sandstone walls and columns surrounding a desert/sand island near a Mesa biome and a village.  Water passages may also lead underground.

There are trees and ponds leading up to the entrance of the campus from the outside. You are greeted by the throne and treasure room, the buffet/dining room, and the library upon entering.


It should be noted that although Technoblade built this on the DreamSMP, he wasn’t the original builder. Eternal Dawn created the original build on YouTube, which Technoblade copied block by block.

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