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    Mario’s movie look might have been leaked by a McDonald’s employee

    Mario’s movie look : In what will go down as one of Nintendo’s most memorable Directs, the company announced the cast of its Mario movie more than a year ago. Now, its debut trailer is almost here. During the premiere of the movie’s very first trailer on Thursday, the movie, which is scheduled to hit theaters in 2023, will receive its own Direct. Someone may have just leaked a sneak peek at what Chris Pratt’s Mario will look like.

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    This week, Nintendo and Illumination released a first look at Mario from behind, along with a large portion of the Mushroom Kingdom. During the Direct announcement, what appears to be the movie poster was shared. An image leaked by a McDonald’s employee may, however, have revealed Mario’s face for the first time to the world.

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    On Twitter, ConnorEatsPants shared a screenshot from their Discord, questioning whether or not the Mario in the image is actually real. A Discord poster claims to be a McDonald’s employee, indicating that the restaurant chain already has promotional materials prior to the release of the first trailer for the film. Perhaps a calendar detailing which toys will be added to Happy Meals in the near future.

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    Despite most of the design appearing to be in keeping with Mario’s traditional look, something appears to be amiss. In response to that, a lively debate has been sparked over what exactly has been changed to make Mario appear different. The alleged movie version has a buttoned shirt, one person believes that it has to do with Pratt’s more realistic arms, and it appears that his cheeks are fuller.

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    Please note that this is not a confirmation that this is what Mario will look like in Illumination’s film. As a result of other details highlighted in the replies, it appears pretty likely that this is the case. The gloves Mario is wearing above match those on the official poster, and the material of both Mario’s dungarees has been compared.

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