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    Director of Ghost in the Shell was originally scheduled to appear in Death Stranding

    Mamoru Oshii : As a result of Hideo Kojima’s desire to cram all of his favorite people into a single video game, Death Stranding is a unique experience. Both Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro, Kojima’s closest friends, play major characters in Death Stranding. However, the game’s post-apocalyptic version of the US also features Conan O’Brien, Junji Ito, Sam Lake, Hermen Hulst, and even Geoff Keighley.
    It is important to note that even though the game’s star-studded line-up is nothing to sneeze at, it is actually missing another very famous individual who unfortunately pulled out last minute – Ghost in the Shell director Mamuro Oshii. In the latest episode of Hideo Kojima’s podcast Brain Structure, Oshii revealed that he is quite a fan of Death Stranding.
    It was originally intended that Kojima and Oshii would have him go to Kojima Productions and undergo a 3D scan so that he could be included in the game. Unfortunately, Oshii broke his bone shortly before traveling, which prevented him from making the trip and ultimately prevented him from appearing. Although Kojima does not specify what role Oshii would have played, it appears he would have played one of the people Sam makes deliveries to, as with other cameos by celebrities.
    Knowing Kojima, the next game from Kojima Productions is likely to be just as star-studded. This is indeed the case, as the game’s creator recently published a cryptic poster for what is likely to be his next game. A silhouette of a woman is depicted on the poster along with the words “Who Am I?” written across her face.
    It has already been determined that the woman in the poster is likely actress Elle Fanning, and the font of the writing is very similar to Jordan Peele’s Nope title font, which leads fans to believe that the director is also involved. Also recently, Kojima shared a picture of himself and Peele with Game Awards creator Geoff Keighley, as some believe an announcement will be made there later this year.

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